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  What are camera filters used for? Ask this question and more in this Q&A. You can also check out For Sharp Results, Try a Filter!, an article written by Jim Miotke. Or take a look at Tony Sweet's The Four Essential Filters for Film and Digital Cameras online photography course.
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  Characteristics of a Circular Polarizing Filter
I recently purchased a Hoya circular polarizing filter. While hand-holding the filter, should I ...
4/23/2008 1:33:28 PM
  Polarizing Filter - Light Loss?
The information I have on polarizing filters says that as they absorb light, you need to change t...
3/21/2008 1:50:42 PM
  Neutral Density Filters
Hi Everyone! I am wondering if anyone could advise on whether you can/should use a neutral densit...
12/10/2007 12:39:27 AM
  Polarizing Filters - Linear vs. Circular
I'm wanting to buy a couple of polarizing filters. I looked at ebay and they have linear and ...
3/27/2004 9:37:51 AM
  Sepia Filters...
Hi, I am planning to buy a sepia filter (I really enjoy the look). Now, my question is to what de...
1/5/2004 7:29:21 PM
  Filter Question: The Way Polarizers Work
Although a stupid question... could you please tell me the practical difference between a linear ...
12/23/2003 8:14:34 AM
  pro mist filters
I have been having a lot of problems with my pro mist filter I bought from Tiffen. I know it'...
8/24/2002 9:52:15 PM
  What kind of filters to buy?
I am interested in trying out various filters. I already make use of polarizing filters, but wou...
8/5/2002 1:32:13 AM
  Macro Filters for Getting More Magnification?
I have a macro lens and want to get more magnification of my subject. Can I use macro filters wit...
  Filter for Red-Eye?
Can you buy a filter that will get the red eye out?...
  How to Use a Sepia Filter
Hi, I have purchased a Cokin sepia tone filter for colour film. I have tried it on outdoors in da...
  Particular Kind of Soft Focus Filter
Many years ago, while doing wedding photography, I owned a Hoya soft focus filter (A or 1) that s...
  Buying Filters without Breaking the Bank
I have been investigating purchasing graduated filters. Things are very limited in the area that...
  Circular Polarizer - Orientation
When will a circular polarizer have the most effect on the blues in the sky? I've not quite ...
8/21/2014 3:03:58 AM
  Circular Polarizer Filters
How much difference do circular polarizer filters make when shooting landscape/outdoor pictures?...
2/22/2007 10:17:41 AM
  Fluorescent lights
Hello BP family, I do a lot of wedding photography at churches that have florescent lights. Due t...
1/12/2007 11:48:15 AM
  Using a Polarizing Filter
Hello! I just purchased a Quantaray Circular Polarizer lense and used it today at the beach. I t...
12/29/2006 8:48:15 PM
  Polarizing Filter Vs. Wide-Angle Lens
Just last weekend, I bought a polarizing filter. Last night I attended a photography club and on...
11/21/2006 5:34:47 PM
  Filters for Digital SLR
Hi,I have been involved with photography for sometime but have never used filters. I now have an ...
11/15/2006 9:30:18 AM
  Will Filters Fit My Lenses?
When I am looking at different filters online, they usually have a mm number by them - like 77mm,...
9/13/2006 8:34:49 PM
  Stacking Filters: Is It OK?
Can you use more than one filter at one time? In this photo, I only used a circular polarizer to ...
8/20/2006 8:26:04 AM
  Polarizing Filter: Using with a Zoom Lens
How do I properly use a polarizing filter on a zoom lens?...
7/30/2006 7:36:21 PM
  Filters: What to Get?
Hey, I have never used a filter and I was interested in buying a filter to experiment with. Do I...
6/16/2006 4:23:56 PM
  ND Filter Vs. Polarizing Filter
I am going to be shooting some outdoor pictures this weekend. I have both a polarizing filter an...
5/24/2006 4:41:47 PM
  Polarizing Filters: Linear Vs. Circular
Can anyone tell me the difference between a "linear polarizing" and "circular polarizing" filters...
5/15/2006 11:28:01 AM

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