BetterPhoto Q&A: Best Photographic Equipment to Buy: Buying vs. Repairing Your Camera

  Seeking professional camera repair services? Maybe it would be smarter (and cheaper) to buy a brand new one. Check out this Q&A to see what people are saying.
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  No Images
I just spent an entire day taking the greatest pictures - I thought. I can't tell you how di...
12/18/2003 10:32:51 AM
  I get white dots on my pics. Anyone know why?
I just developed my first film with the zenith 122 I bought last week. What surprised me is that ...
11/25/2003 1:35:54 AM
  Broken Dreams
I have had a Fuji s2pro for a month. It detached itself from the strap and hit the concrete. The ...
11/2/2004 4:42:32 PM

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