BetterPhoto Q&A: Best Photographic Equipment to Buy: How to Choose Studio Lighting

  Wondering how to choose studio lighting? This Q&A covers the entire studio lighting topic. Want to learn about studio portrait lighting? Take Vik Orenstein's Studio Portrait Lighting online photography course.
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  Main Light for Studio
As I am experimenting in my new homemade studio, I know I need a good main light. I am thinking w...
5/14/2008 5:41:14 AM
  continoue light verses regular studo flash
I have purchased a Canon D60 (digital)camera and want to do studio work. I need to know which li...
10/8/2005 4:23:37 PM
  Has anyone used a Britek AS-90 Professional Strobe
I am considering purchasing one (on a tight budget as well, but this would be an excellent deal i...
9/12/2005 12:20:00 AM
  Preset Lighting Scenes For Portrait Studio
Once upon a time Paul C. Buff made a light control box called a CompuScene. They only have one l...
11/30/2003 6:15:07 PM
  Lighting: Actual backdrops vs Digital Backdrops
Im trying to set up a small studio in my house. The photos I take are art photos of people. I was...
8/13/2003 7:44:32 PM
  Church Lighting Question
Hello everyone.I am an outdoor location photographer at which I am doing quite well. I am concid...
6/9/2003 5:59:45 PM
  Lighting equipment
I want to buy some studio lights more or less a traveling kit. I can not afford thousands of dol...
4/7/2003 9:21:27 AM
  Backgrounds and Lighting
Can someone recommend, for a tight budget, a studio flash system (for portraits) and a source for...
7/14/2002 9:41:22 PM
  Beginner lighter
Looking to start off with something simple to buy. Shoot alot of portrait shots would like to mov...
5/31/2002 6:37:06 AM
  Triggering Remote Flash
I am interested in knowing if there is any other device or way of triggering an off-camera flash ...
2/21/2002 9:32:31 PM
  Equipment for Small Indoor Studio
I am interested in purchasing basic lighting equipment for an small indoor studio, but am unsure ...
  Studio Lighting
I was wondering where I could go to talk to someone about studio lighting. I'm in a small tow...
  Portrait Lighting - Help!
I need your help! I received a very generous Christmas present that included some studio lighting...
1/2/2007 7:45:09 AM
  Portable Lighting Systems
What portable lighting system is recommended to use with Nikon D70 for both indoor and maybe some...
2/2/2006 11:13:31 AM
  Best Starting Tools for Home Studio
I have been a hobbyist photographer since I was a teenager and have taken a few photography cours...
10/17/2005 9:41:32 AM
  What Studio Lights?
I am inerested in buying a strobe lighting kit of maybe 2 lights or so. I have read about lighti...
10/7/2005 7:42:12 PM
  Color Correction in Lighting
I'm in the process of purchasing lighting equipment, and I read somewhere that it's good ...
6/1/2004 6:01:46 AM
  Difference Between Diffusion and Reflection?
I have a beginner continuous lighting set with umbrellas. I understand that putting the umbrella...
3/23/2004 8:45:29 PM
  Strobe Light Accessories: What are These?
Recently, I got a great deal on used White Lightning strobes and accessories. However, no instru...
12/2/2003 8:36:22 AM
  Setting Up a Studio/Digital Photography
what are the basics in setting up a studio for digital photography? Ligiting fixtures, backdrops,...
11/21/2003 8:12:45 PM
  Which Meter Reading Should I Use?
Hi,When using Bowens Studio lights in home studio room 10ft by 15ft, I place Key light 45degs to ...
10/6/2003 7:40:19 PM
  How to Use Studio Lighting/ What Film to Use?
My husband is in a band and they are wanting me to do some "band" shots for their promo package. ...
7/23/2003 1:59:12 AM

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