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  Muslin Backdrops
I am intrested in finding out how to create photo muslin backdrops. My questions are: How or what...
12/19/2006 7:34:48 AM
  Instructions For Lighting Assembly
I recently purchased the following:Interfit Background Support SystemImpact 125oW 3-Light Mini Bo...
12/17/2006 8:49:00 AM
  Photo Shoot with a Newborn
Hi all,I have my first newborn (she's 1 month old) studio photo shoot next week and would app...
12/11/2006 7:20:08 AM
  Help Working with Toddlers
I have been having fun taking Christmas card portraits for my family and friends this year. My b...
12/6/2006 10:33:16 AM
  Family Portrait Lighting
Hi there,I have been asked to take a family portrait for a friend of mine. I have done this in t...
11/29/2006 4:27:54 AM
  Photographing 3-Month-Old Twins
Hi!I am photographing 3-month-old twins. I have no clue what to do - I don't think they sit u...
11/28/2006 1:52:56 PM
  Taking Pictures of Products
Hello Everyone,I have a huge desire to be a really good photographer. I've done two weddings ...
11/16/2006 9:55:43 AM
  External Flash Bounce/Diffusion
I use a Nikon SB800 flash unit for weddings. When I have something to bounce the flash off of (ce...
10/10/2006 5:45:53 AM
  Suggestions for Studio Backdrops
I am setting up a studio in a room of my house, and I'm trying to figure out what type of bac...
8/16/2006 9:51:00 AM
  Best Portable Backdrops
I'm starting to do portraits on location. Most of them are done outside, but if I can't s...
7/27/2006 11:39:07 AM

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