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  Here you'll learn about photographing jewelry with digital camera or film cameras. These questions address issues around photographing small objects, usually with tabletop or studio lighting.
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I am trying to take pictures of jewelry I make to put on a Web page. I am having a devil's ti...
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Hi Guys,I'm looking to take pictures of jewelry for my website and would like to know if the ...
12/11/2006 11:17:15 PM
  Jewelry Photography Help
Hello!We sell jewelry. We recently purchased a Nikon D70 with a micro lens and ring light. We ha...
5/6/2005 11:52:54 AM
  How to Take a Picture for eBay
Is there a trick for taking pictures for eBay? I am trying to take some shots of cloisonne. The...
1/29/2004 12:54:02 PM

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