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  Find the best rated printer for printing digital pictures or find tips for making your digital pictures print out better in this Q&A.
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  Consistently Quality with Digital Printing
An answerer responded to a question regarding the calibration of the monitor and the printer by p...
3/26/2002 1:13:41 PM
  Equipment to Scan and Print
I'm a keen amateur with about 30 years of slides, prints, negatives (mostly 35mm), etc. Thou...
3/12/2002 9:04:06 PM
  Protective Spray on Prints Worthwhile?
On my earlier ink jet prints I used the old time photo spray, which at least kept every drop of w...
2/25/2002 10:57:12 AM
  Digital to Slides
I was just wondering if it was possible to create slides from digital images. I know the new prin...
  Altering Printer Settings
I have a Epson 460. Although not a true photo printer, it is capable of prints which are acceptab...
  Suggestions for Professional Photo Labs
I am needing suggestions for a photo lab that has the ability to print from a digital file onto q...
2/3/2011 3:15:32 AM
  Difference in Colors: Monitor Vs. Prints
I'm hoping you can help. I have a Digital Rebel SLR 300D. I also have Photoshop CS2 and other...
12/22/2008 4:49:41 AM
  Matching Prints to Monitor
My printer (Epson Stylus Photo R1800) is not printing true colors. While looking at the computer...
6/8/2007 8:59:47 PM
  Scanning for 8x10 Photos
What is the best size for 8x10 from scanned color negatives? Right now, I scan the 35mm film @ 12...
4/2/2007 7:33:48 PM
  Help!! Printing the Whole Picture
Hi,How can I print the whole image that I captured without Photoshop croping some of it out when ...
2/6/2007 9:50:26 AM

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