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  Wondering about scanning photos for a cd to reprint? Or maybe you need information on digital darkrooms. Ask your questions here.
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  Clone Stamp in CS2
I have Photoshop CS2, and in editing some photos, I have discovered that my clone stamp is not wo...
6/9/2008 4:28:53 PM
  35mm Slide Conversion
I have thirty years of slides in my closet and would love to convert them to digital files on my ...
5/24/2008 3:12:19 PM
  Film Scanning Issue
Hi! Today I got a roll of Velvia 100 slide film developed and scanned. On the light table, the tr...
12/29/2007 5:23:51 PM
  Scanning Photos
Many of my older pictures are taken on film. Recently I've purchased a digital camera and upl...
12/4/2007 10:30:16 PM
  Film & Slide Scanners
I have tons of 35mm & 2-1/4 negatives and transparencies that I'd like to scan. The mini...
10/13/2007 4:32:58 PM
  What to Look For in a Scanning Service Bureau
Hello .I am looking at using one of the many commercial scanning/imaging companies offering scans...
9/7/2005 10:49:26 PM
  Scanner - How Big with Quality?
What scanner will give me up to 11x14 quality prints from a 35mm slide? 13x19? If I can't g...
8/29/2005 12:06:31 PM
  Scanning Slides with CanoScan N650U Flatbed
HELP! Okay, I've started shooting slide film and just got my first slides back from the lab....
6/10/2005 2:06:09 PM
  Scanning Color Prints to B&W
Hello, I don't know much about scanning and printing. What I need to know is how to scan a 5...
9/8/2003 8:10:04 AM
  Digital vs. Darkroom BW Printing
I'm just about reading to invest in a darkroom with a Variable Contrast Enlarger. Now, with ...
6/24/2002 8:37:59 PM
  Scan Size Too Small with New Scanner
I just bought an Epson perfection 2450 photo scanner because I was very unhappy with the scans of...
  Which finish - Gloss or Matte - Scans Better?
Which finish do you think scans better, Gloss or Matte?Thanks for your help....
  How to Mount Photos
I am currently working with my local library on a showing of old photos. They would like me to re...
7/20/2007 4:35:28 PM
  On Screen Resolution - Scanned Images
I am an amateur photographer and use a Minolta Maxxum 5 35mm film SLR camera. When I develop my f...
6/5/2007 6:38:07 PM
  How Do I Convert Slides to a CD?
I have about 3000 color slides that I want to convert from slides to a CD. How do I do this? I am...
5/18/2007 2:03:51 PM
  Converting Color Slides to Digital Files
Is it possible to convert color slides to digital photos?...
4/27/2007 2:34:56 PM
  Making Digital Negatives with Photoshop
I have been trying to find a method of taking a digital image, edit in Photoshop, make the image ...
12/19/2006 1:28:22 AM
  Film/Slide/Photo Scanners
I have about 25 years of film, slides and photos that I am thinking of digitizing. First, I have ...
6/18/2006 1:44:09 AM
  Viewing Old Negatives
I would like to go through old negatives to determine which ones I want to print. I do have a sca...
11/16/2005 1:16:22 PM
Resizing to 600 pizels (no problem), but the image they ask for has to be no bigger then 80 kb. W...
9/12/2005 12:12:41 AM
  Scanned 35mm slides
I've scanned 1200+ slides using the Minolta Dual Scan III. I scanned them at 1024 x 768 and ...
9/12/2005 12:12:20 AM
  Let the Scanner Adjust Colours? Or not?
Do you best scan your film/prints/slides by letting the scanner adjust the colour or leave it as ...
9/4/2005 4:57:42 AM
  Proper Digital Scanning
I'm having a heck of a time with scanning my negatives or digital. I can't seem to get it...
8/30/2005 11:32:16 AM
  Scanning Film for Big Nature Prints
I have recently decided to start printing my nature photography digitally, so I purchased the Nik...
7/21/2005 7:23:29 AM
  Dirt Spots on Scanned Slides
You can see a picture that I shot with my Nikon F55 using Fuji Velvia 50. One picture is my whole...
6/28/2005 1:06:07 PM

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