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  Airport X-rays
I will be flying to Las Vegas this weekend and I just wanted to ask you guys that if the airport ...
7/7/2005 8:54:08 AM
  Large Format Photography
Hello all, I am interested in large format photography - 4X5 - and have learned quite a bit fr...
1/5/2005 7:18:21 AM
  Slides for Publication
I have taken photos on Kodak 400 film. I want to submit them to a travel magazine that asks for s...
11/16/2004 7:14:29 PM
  Confused About Best Film Per Situation
I've been reading so many suggestions about the best film to use for various situations that ...
9/29/2004 5:19:15 PM
  Cameras and Magnets
Not sure if this is the right area to ask but I just realized today that I had put my magnetic na...
9/29/2004 2:47:38 AM
  100 Foot Film?
I was looking for film on a web site and I came across a link that said 100 foot rolls. I wasn...
3/13/2004 10:48:03 PM
  Wedding Photography with Kodak Portra
I've noted some recommending exposing their wedding shots at 1 full stop overexposed to "insu...
3/5/2004 5:21:17 AM
  Kodak vs Fuji
I have heard people talk about the differences between Fujifilm and Kodaks film. In anyones opin...
3/1/2004 10:35:11 PM
  Film-Based - Infrared Film
I've been reading about various types of film. I've only used slide film and negative fil...
1/14/2004 4:58:23 PM
  Buying Film
Where do the pros buy their film? I have things lining up for me to do some shoots, and I want to...
1/2/2004 7:45:59 PM

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