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  Are you looking for professional digital photo printers? Wondering which supplies you will need to print out quality photos? Join this Q&A and get your answers.
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  Protective Spray on Prints Worthwhile?
On my earlier ink jet prints I used the old time photo spray, which at least kept every drop of w...
2/25/2002 10:57:12 AM
  Buying a Printer for B/W Photography
Hello,I am a darkroom photographer who has recently decided to try digital imaging. I bought a sc...
1/29/2002 2:05:25 PM
  Printing Paper: What to Use?
Hi. I want to know what is the best paper for printing digital images. I'm looking for someth...
12/28/2008 12:49:50 PM
  Archival Ink Jet Prints
I understand what the word archival means. Is an archival inkjet print versus a regular inkjet pr...
3/8/2006 5:02:31 AM
  Printers for Digital Photos
I am looking to buy a printer for printing digital photos. I was wondering if anyone had any sug...
3/29/2005 6:50:39 AM
  Printing Papers
I just bought the Rebel 300D. LOVE the camera (little confusing but I'm learning ... slowly)....
6/23/2004 4:45:45 AM
  Photo Printers
I'd love to have a photo printer, but don't know where to start, so I thought I'd go ...
4/3/2004 11:32:40 AM
  Longevity of Printer Inks
I was wondering if anyone knew how long normal ink lasted on a picture printed on Kodak paper. I&...
3/9/2004 11:17:57 AM
  Matte or Glossy Paper
I want to print my photographs from my computer on to my ink jet printer but which paper should I...
7/20/2003 10:11:05 PM

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