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  Cheap Lighting Ideas?
Photography for me is only a hobby (which is already quite expensive) and I was wanting to find c...
3/16/2004 10:26:54 AM
  The Right Camera
I am torn between a Nikon N80, N90 and F100. I know for sure I want a Nikon because of the exten...
6/24/2003 7:54:59 PM
  Object photography
Hi all,This is my first time and may be a dumb question, but here goes.I am doing a photography j...
10/10/2002 7:43:19 AM
  shutter speed
I have an older Minolta camera that my grandfather used many years ago. I am a bit confused as to...
6/26/2002 8:43:26 AM
  Online Auction Photos - Lighting
Hello - I'm an experienced Ebay seller, and I usually use natural light for my product (small...
4/17/2006 1:42:35 PM
  10'x20' Backdrop Storage Ideas
I was wondering if anyone has found a way to successfully store a 10x20 hand-painted muslin backd...
10/26/2005 10:11:56 PM
  Studio Lighting Problem
I am not sure how to word this and have it make sense, but here it goes: I want to shoot my portr...
6/8/2005 8:30:15 AM
  Digital Strobe Lighting
I read somewhere a long time ago that if I plug my 1600-volt monolight into a digital camera it w...
6/7/2005 1:38:36 PM
  Monolight with Built-in Pocket Wizard?
What would be a good set monolight set that come equipped with built in "pocket wizard"? I'm ...
1/16/2005 6:21:23 PM
  Light Rings
What type of photography are light rings used for, and what effect do they give?...
1/15/2005 12:28:16 PM
  Studio Portraits - Film, Lab
I have been practicing with studio lighting in my home, and I am going to be taking pictures of a...
4/20/2004 7:14:02 AM
  Slide Film in the Studio
I am going to shoot a model for my project. I have planned to shoot her with Fuji Provia reversal...
4/6/2004 4:16:32 AM
  How to Use Studio Lighting/ What Film to Use?
My husband is in a band and they are wanting me to do some "band" shots for their promo package. ...
7/23/2003 1:59:12 AM

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