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  Ready to learn about field technique for large object photography? How about for small object photography? This Q & A covers it all. Or if you are interested in private instruction, check out Kerry Drager's Field Techniques: Light and Composition online photography course.
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  What Type of Studio Back Drop?
I would like to buy some back drops for my pictures, but I don't know what kind. Canvas? Musl...
1/15/2008 10:59:30 PM
  Lighting Equipment: What Wattage?
I am in the process of trying to set up an 8 x 12 room in my house to take portraits and just get...
1/14/2008 8:17:59 AM
  Oversize Backdrops
I have been shooting a lot of dance/school groups lately, and I need a larger backdrop. Currently...
12/12/2007 7:55:17 PM
  Wattage of Strobes
Hey everyone,I'm looking to buy a couple of strobes with umbrellas but I have a few questions...
12/11/2007 5:41:22 PM
  Macro Lens Vs. Zoom's Macro Setting
I notice a reference in the zoom lens specs for a "Macro setting" mode. Does anyone know what ma...
11/23/2007 6:16:08 PM
  Buy Lens & Flash? Or Better Lens But No Flash?
I am ready to buy an extra lens for my Canon Rebel xt and have decided on either the 50mm 1.8 or ...
11/23/2007 1:18:09 PM
  Dark Hair/Dark Background
I have a image of a young man with very dark hair against a black backdrop. I like the way it loo...
11/9/2007 9:59:59 AM
  Yellow Tint Indoors
How do I get rid of the yellow tint in my wedding or indoor pics? What settings do I need - i.e.,...
11/6/2007 4:52:46 AM
  Pictures on Bright Sunny Days
Hi. I went to a car show on a beautiful sunny day. I took some pictures and I didn't like the...
10/25/2007 4:08:36 PM
  Orange-tinted Pictures
Some of my indoor photos in lower light are turning out a bit orangy... Can someone assist? Thank...
10/23/2007 1:22:56 AM

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