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  Ready to learn about field technique for large object photography? How about for small object photography? This Q & A covers it all. Or if you are interested in private instruction, check out Kerry Drager's Field Techniques: Light and Composition online photography course.
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  Why Use Film at a Speed Below Its ASA / ISO?
What would the purpose be in rating a film BELOW its ASA rating? For instance, some 400 speed fil...
6/13/2004 11:18:57 AM
  Reflected Flowers, Bees, Etc. in Raindrops
I saw a photo of a rain drop and in it was the reflection of flowers and bees it was fantastic. W...
1/30/2004 9:13:16 AM
  The Right Camera
I am torn between a Nikon N80, N90 and F100. I know for sure I want a Nikon because of the exten...
6/24/2003 7:54:59 PM
  Using Expired Film - Need to Compensate?
I have a roll of expired ACUPAN 800 film. The film expired in 1999. However, I would still like t...
11/23/2002 12:13:50 AM
  Shooting into the Sun
I know the rule about shooting with sun behind you, but sometimes that just isn't possible. W...
7/31/2002 12:43:05 PM
  Red Eye Reduction Feature on Small Camera
I have an Olympus DLX Stylus camera and I noticed that the red eye reduction mode does not really...
7/16/2002 3:57:05 PM
  What Should I Stick on My Bellows?
Stimulated by the close-up capabilities of my Oly 3000 digital, I rummaged around in my Fred Film...
3/13/2002 8:48:57 AM
  Do You Need a Special Macro Lens for Macro Work?
I am new to macro photography. I am wanting to buy a lens that I can photograph flowers and inse...
3/12/2002 8:02:23 AM
  Metering Modes on Nikon 35mm SLR
I have a great Nikon 6006, but I have trouble to understand when to use its three metering modes ...
2/1/2002 9:27:07 PM
  Comprehensive Exposure Charts
I have quite an old camera, passed down from the old man :) and its light meter is broken. I am ...

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