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  Ready to learn about field technique for large object photography? How about for small object photography? This Q & A covers it all. Or if you are interested in private instruction, check out Kerry Drager's Field Techniques: Light and Composition online photography course.
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  Capabilities of Macro lenses
I'm thinking of purchasing a 100mm macro lens. In addition to close-up photos, can a macro b...
8/26/2010 7:06:55 PM
  Pocket Wizard
I would like to purchase a Pocket Wizard, but do I purchase one or two? I want to trigger studio...
5/12/2010 4:05:31 PM
  Macro Equipment
What is better: a macro lens or diopter close-up attachment? I would like to get into macro photo...
2/4/2010 6:29:50 AM
  Macro Photography
I'm thinking of buying a Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 compact macro lens for my Rebel. Two questions:...
1/29/2010 9:55:28 AM
  Eye Wrinkles: Remove or Soften?
When taking photos of seniors and adults, do you take the eye wrinkles out in processing? Do you...
12/15/2009 12:26:02 PM
  Macro Lenses
Hi,I really like shooting macro photos. I have a Canon 50mm f/2.5 compact macro lens and I reall...
11/28/2009 1:43:58 PM
  Outfit Changes...
Hi all. I was thinking about an upcoming senior shoot I have and it got me curious about how all ...
11/24/2009 8:14:13 AM
  Studio On-Site Background Choice
I have agreed to shoot portraits at a hospital event for new mothers and their babies (0-12 month...
10/20/2009 12:16:53 PM
  Using a Tripod and Wireless Release
I used my tripod to take a group photo. The first was a practice shot and it turned out good. The...
10/20/2009 11:59:27 AM
  Lighting Kits
I wanting to buy some lighting equipment and I am not sure what to get. I have been reading up an...
1/14/2009 6:38:57 AM
  Telephoto Lens Vs. Macro Lens
Hi,I would like to purchase a lens for my camera. Can you please fill me in on the difference bet...
12/19/2008 4:39:56 PM
  Shadow Problem: How to Position Lights?
I have two vuPro 100 w lights, and a miniboom/hairlight 250. I'm having problems with shadows...
11/26/2008 10:03:36 PM
  Shooting Subjects Next to Fireplace
I am trying to take a Christmas picture of my children next to the fireplace. I have a Canon Reb...
11/26/2008 3:03:14 PM
  Group Pictures
I have been asked to photograph a group of about 25 people at our church for an 80th birthday par...
11/25/2008 12:34:17 PM
  Combining Color Temperatures
I am going to be purchasing additional lighting. I currently have two soft boxes that are contin...
11/12/2008 3:07:39 PM
  Litepanel Micro?
Has anyone out there used a Litepanel Micro attached to their camera for added light? I know tha...
9/30/2008 6:57:10 AM
  Light for Backgrounds
I am looking to buy additional lighting. I currently own two (250 watt each) softboxes. I have u...
9/20/2008 6:20:11 PM
  Backlighting: Getting the Right Exposure
I took a picture of a cat in tree looking upward and the cat and the tree was too dark, though th...
9/19/2008 7:19:42 AM
  Light Temperature: Buying Lights
I need purchase additional lighting. I currently have two soft boxes that are rather weak (250 w...
9/6/2008 8:34:19 AM
  Posing Mom and Teen Son
Does anyone have ideas on poses for a mother and teenage son? I've seen lots of couple poses...
9/5/2008 11:38:57 PM
  Shooting Photos of Cars
Hi all,I was asked to take a few pics of a friend's muscle car. The car is navy blue with bla...
8/28/2008 12:33:11 PM
  HDR Exposure: Please Explain
I am hearing so much about HDR and the pictures I see are really stunning. Am I to understand th...
8/18/2008 2:56:24 PM
  Shutter Vs. Aperture Priority
Seems like some photographers prefer aperture priority, and others prefer shutter priority. What...
7/28/2008 5:47:24 AM
  Ring Flash: What Is It?
Exactly what does a "ring flash" do?...
7/25/2008 12:53:14 PM
  Purchasing a Flash and Mount Bracket
Hey BP Gang! I am looking to purchase a flash and possible mounting bracket for my Canon 20D. I ...
7/9/2008 4:06:25 PM

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