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  SLR cameras
What is camera shake?...
12/2/2002 11:05:15 AM
  Old Master Backdrops
What does the term "Old Master" mean in Old Master backdrops?...
11/26/2002 6:35:04 PM
  Anyone using a Canon EOS3/550EX flash?
I have recently began using the Canon EOS3 with a 550EX flash. Probably a little more camera tha...
11/21/2002 4:39:06 AM
  About to shoot first wedding
I have my first wedding to shoot in December. I have read everything I can get my hands on. I h...
11/8/2002 8:14:15 PM
  Wide Angle Lens Question
I currently have a 35-70mm lens. I was in need of a wider angle lens for work purposes so purchas...
11/2/2002 2:27:42 AM
  Nikon SB-24 Flash
Hello everybody. I am struggling to learn some basic fill-flash techniques using my Nikon SB-24 f...
10/28/2002 3:52:53 PM
  The advantages and disadvantages of an SLR camera
what are the advantages and disadvantages of an SLR camera and a TLR camera with a beetween the l...
10/25/2002 4:52:07 AM
  bulb settings for night photography?
OK I live in new york city and due to my schedule, and what I would like to do as a photographer ...
10/3/2002 7:12:06 PM
  mm vs feet
What is the relationship of mm to feet...In other words, if I have a 35-300mm lens and I am 15 ft...
9/26/2002 12:11:19 PM
  Lens Hood
What does a lens hood do? I have one with my nikkor 70-300mm lens. Thanks,...
9/25/2002 8:30:49 AM
  Lens 28-80mm - What the Fstops #s Mean
Does the fstop 3.3-5.6 marking on a lens mean you can only shoot between these f stops? The camer...
9/24/2002 8:03:32 PM
  what does ASA/ISO mean?
what does ASA/ISO mean?...
9/20/2002 4:52:50 PM
  Rangefinder do they work?
Anybody, how do rangefinder cameras work, exactly, and what are some of the advantages over SLR&#...
9/17/2002 9:46:34 AM
  Purposely Over or Under Exposing
I am confused about the concepts of why one would over or under expose a shot using the EV button...
9/4/2002 4:19:38 PM
  Using a teleconverter
Is there any advantage to using teleconverters on shorter telephoto lens? I have a Minolta Maxx...
8/15/2002 6:28:08 PM
  filter factor compensation
I have a Minolta Maxum 5 and recently purchased some filters. The brand name is Quantaray. I was...
8/5/2002 1:58:08 AM
  How much Shutter-Speed?
I would be interested to know, how muchShutter-Speed is really necessary tofreeze action-shots pr...
7/30/2002 12:31:32 PM
  What Is.........
What is a Compact camera and a Pinhole camera?...
7/22/2002 10:35:32 PM
  What Is.........
What is Infrared film?...
7/22/2002 10:27:13 PM
  What Is.........
What is the difference between a Wide-angle Lense, a Fisheye Lense, a Telephoto Lense, and a Marc...
7/22/2002 9:38:41 PM
  TC's or Telephoto?
I heard that adding a teleconverter to a telephoto lens greatly reduces the quality of the pictur...
7/10/2002 1:01:59 AM
TTL flash has the flash turn off when the film has enough light. This is right is it not? Then wh...
7/8/2002 12:36:39 AM
  Lens hood
What exactly does a lens hood do when taking a picture?...
6/30/2002 11:22:38 AM
  Correct Aperture & Shutter Speed?
I have a Nikon N60 camera. I am beginning to work with manually setting the shutter speed and ap...
6/24/2002 3:11:28 PM
  polarizing filter
Can a circular polarizing filter (I use one from Promaster) affect the contrast of the print?...
6/22/2002 12:02:59 PM

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