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  Have questions regarding how to use camera lenses? Check out this Q&A which covers everything you need to know about camera lenses. If you have questions regarding which one to buy check out this helpful article: Choosing Lenses.
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  Sweet Spot of a Lens?
Does anyone know how to find out what the "sweet spot" is on different lenses I own? I have trie...
4/15/2008 12:44:54 PM
  Can I Use a Film Lens on Digital Camera?
I have the Canon XTi. Can I use a film lens on my digital camera? Any help would be appreciated!...
2/18/2008 10:09:52 AM
  The Lens Hood: What Is It?
I would like to get more information about the lens hood. I have one and I see them used, but I&#...
8/15/2007 1:01:33 PM
  Lensbaby for an Olympus?
I love the effects of the
7/10/2007 5:01:16 AM
  Hoods and UV Filters
For my new wide-angle lens, do any of you use UV filters and or hoods? Do you feel either degrade...
7/5/2007 7:13:30 AM
Can anyone recommend a good variable 500 or 600mm lens for a pentax p-30 manual focus camera. Tha...
9/12/2005 12:19:46 AM
  Panoramic Photos
I have a SLR (/product/productDetail.asp?productID=228">Canon Rebel). What is the best way t...
9/3/2005 12:06:24 PM
  28-105 mm Without IS vs 28-135 mm With IS
Which would be the better purchase -- a 28-105 mm lens without IS or a 28-135 mm lens with IS? I ...
3/22/2004 8:32:42 PM
  Best Prime Portrait Lens
I took some candid portraits of children with a rented 85mm 1.8 lens. I thought they turned out ...
3/15/2004 5:34:12 PM
  Phoenix 100-400mm Lens?
Ok, I am a 16 year old (as of tomorrow) and have been using a /product/productDetail.asp?productI...
11/25/2003 9:59:44 AM
  Lenses for the Nikon F100
Soon I will be buying the F100 and I wanted to get some opinions on the choice of lens. I`ve alw...
6/29/2003 5:47:16 AM
  Which lense to use?
I have recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera.I have had numerous people ask me t...
3/22/2003 10:27:53 AM
  lense for Canon EOS Rebel X
I have a Canon EOS Rebel X. Is a Quantaray 70-300mm lense good for a starter lense for wildlife p...
11/27/2002 10:15:06 PM
I want to buy a telephoto lens so that I can photograph my husband who surfs. I want to shoot fro...
11/27/2002 5:40:41 PM
  Nikon lenes to Buy
I am getting ready to buy a new Nikon lens. My thoughts were to buy either a 24-85 G AF D f3.5-4....
11/27/2002 3:00:58 PM
  What lens to buy as gift?
My fiance has a Canon EOS 3000 with a Quantaray 28-105 lens. He's had the camera for about a ...
11/27/2002 12:06:56 PM
  zoom lens to use with maxxum 5 for a beginner
I purchased a maxxum 5 date kit with 28-80 d zoom lens.I am not happy with the results.I upgraded...
11/12/2002 3:19:00 AM
  Choice of Prime Lenses
I am looking to purchase a 50mm Nikon AFD prime lense. I am a beginner photographer and my questi...
11/11/2002 8:05:26 PM
  What macro lens should I buy?
I'm a beginner with a Canon SLR cameraand I have a 75-300 zoom. Looking forrecommendations f...
11/7/2002 8:34:18 AM
  Nikon Lenses
I want to buy a D100 and I am confused about lenses. I have the following lenses: Nikon Series E ...
11/3/2002 11:44:13 AM
trip to g.canyon in winter:suggestionson wide angle lens-24mm ok ,don't want invest large $$...
11/1/2002 12:29:55 PM
Hi there I have finally made my first Auto Focus camera purchse, a Canon EOS Elan 7E and I am hig...
10/31/2002 2:14:51 AM
  Zoom Lenses
Will a Nikon AF Nikkor 70-210 zoom lens fit on a Nikon N65 camera?...
10/31/2002 1:50:48 AM
  Lens difference
Hello! I just bought a Nikkor 300 mm F/4.5 Telephoto ED Glass lens. Then I saw the Same lens but ...
10/30/2002 12:43:27 PM
  Selecting the right lens
I have just purchased my first 'real' camera. Now I am researching lenses for it. The cam...
10/28/2002 5:20:29 PM

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