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  Creating a Fee Schedule For My Photo Services
Tomorrow I have an interview to show my work in landscapes and unique photos of individuals. The...
5/27/2002 7:18:21 AM
  Photographing the Birth of a Baby.
What suggestions do you have for photographing the birth of my grandchild? Such as: lens, filte...
5/26/2002 11:38:22 AM
  SmartMedia Card Usage
My Olympus C2040 is described in all the literature as compatible sith SmartMedia cards from 2 MB...
5/26/2002 4:45:56 AM
  vari power flash operation
I recently bought a used Vivitar zoom thyristor 285 vari power flash to go with my Mamyia m645j c...
5/26/2002 12:02:53 AM
  Moisture On Lens
Having just returned from Mexico, a problem I encountered frequently was moisture forming on my l...
5/25/2002 3:40:42 AM
  diff. with f65& f60
differences with f60 or f 65, are great. f65, is closer to f100,f5,f80,&DI M LACKING. ETC. BUT...
5/24/2002 11:46:44 PM
What do you think about New York Insitute of Photography?...
5/24/2002 11:15:30 PM
  How To Use AF For Small Group Portrait
Hi,I recently got a Canon EOS300 camera with 28-90 and 80-200mm lenses. I used it so far for port...
5/24/2002 4:20:30 PM
  DIfferent monitors / different brightness?!
I recently bought a new computer with an LCD flatscreen. The screen seems to work great but when...
5/24/2002 3:02:41 PM
  Indoor Basketball Shots
Firstly, a big thank you for your time. I have been taking basketball photos of my 12 year old d...
5/24/2002 11:40:11 AM

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