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  pics of a scene from a far,turn into one big pic.
I have seen people that take say...30 pictures of a landscape scene, a beach, for instance taking...
4/21/2002 11:16:27 PM
  What photos do I need for.........?
What kind of photos do I need if I want to work onboard a Cruise Ship? Are there any photos in pa...
4/21/2002 6:31:33 PM
  Camera Lens and Image Stabilizer
I am looking to buy a 75-300mm lens for my Elan 7e camera. I want to know if the "Image Stabiliz...
4/21/2002 3:15:00 PM
  Films to Use for Rock Band
I am not a pro - I only have Nikon N60 - but I would like to take nice pictures of my brother'...
4/20/2002 11:24:15 PM
  How to shoot Lightening
On several occasions, I have attempted to 'expand my horizons' by shooting a lightening s...
4/19/2002 10:39:47 PM
I can't to afford to buy a 400mm lens and I shoot a lot of film on sporting events, especiall...
4/19/2002 10:34:37 PM
  How to shoot a band at a concert?
How do you shoot a band at a concert with low lighting? If you leave the shutter open longer the...
4/19/2002 3:41:11 PM
  Quantary Lens Purchase?
I am looking to purchase a wide angle lens. Have considered a Quantary 19-35 mm f 3.5-4.5 AF zoo...
4/19/2002 1:41:48 PM
  using AE & FE compensation
I am using Canon Eos 50e with speedlite 550 ex. I learned that there is such thing as flash expos...
4/19/2002 12:35:18 PM
  digital photo lighting in studio for small objects
I use a Nikon Cool Pix 850 to shoot rings and other jewelry items for record keeping and our web ...
4/19/2002 8:03:01 AM

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