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  Congrats to all the contest winners and finalists!
Just wanted to say congrats to everyone in case I missed commenting on individual shots previousl...
6/11/2002 9:07:02 AM
i bought a used canon eso rebel 2000 but it did not come with instructions. do you have instructi...
6/11/2002 3:23:50 AM
  My First PAID Shoot.....lots of questions....
Hi....I am "new" to making money with my camera! I am trying to start to start my own business d...
6/10/2002 10:55:39 AM
How do I take pictures of fireworks? What film should I use?What type of lens, etc, etc, I am clu...
6/10/2002 10:28:52 AM
  How Do I Eliminate Digital Distortion?
I have a Sony DSC-S75 (3.3 Mega Pixel) camera. I love the images I take but in many of my photos...
6/10/2002 3:01:40 AM
  Nikon F80/N80 Focus Area
Hi. I just bought my Nikon F80/N80 and I started taking some pictures. I noticed that a lot of ...
6/10/2002 1:32:42 AM
  Flash attachments which fit the hotshoe top of cam
I know that the built in flash only takes in 10 to 20 feet. What is the quality of the Sunpak PZ5...
6/9/2002 9:59:22 PM
  Exposure Compensation
Dear Jeff or John,Please explain what exposure compensation is?I have several pictures on my firs...
6/9/2002 8:50:32 PM
  How can a shoot a silhouette ?
I have seen a few silhouette shots, and would love to try one myself. I am very new at photograhp...
6/9/2002 4:52:03 PM
  Changing shutter speed in nikon N65??
I recently bought a Nikon N65 with a Nikkor 28-80 G lens. I find that upon changing the exposure ...
6/9/2002 4:34:27 PM

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