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  Digital Studio Techniques
I wish to know more about using digital camera in studio environments. I currently use 35mm and ...
4/30/2002 10:53:42 PM
  What's up with this filter?
I have a Nikon Sb-22s speedlight that has been giving me major headaches in the last week or so. ...
4/30/2002 7:49:27 PM
  How to buy better lense(28-105)for a Nikon Fa
What lense(28-105) do you recommend for a Nikon FA?...
4/30/2002 11:51:23 AM
  What Are The Rules for Exposure Compensation?
Hi,I would like to know the basic rules of f-stop compensation in order to take photos which are ...
4/30/2002 6:53:53 AM
  How to get computer to recognize digital camera
I have a brand new Olympus D-230 digital camera and an IBM computer with ME software. The compute...
4/30/2002 6:34:50 AM
  Fast lens depth of field
I'm thinking of buying a fast lens, f1.4, for low light stiuations and shallow depth of field...
4/30/2002 6:00:45 AM
  Shoot Planning -- Monterey Trip
Hi there everyone. I'm currently attempting to put together a shoot list for my trip to Mont...
4/29/2002 7:48:58 PM
  How to take Bridal Portrait??
I have done a couple of weddings with good results in the past and have now been asked to do anot...
4/29/2002 12:43:29 PM
  How To Store Film
I was just wondering what is the best way to store film. One of my good friends just told me to k...
4/27/2002 10:37:09 PM
  Photo Shoot Assistant
Hello,I am a fine art photography student in Southwest Michigan. Although I really love the work ...
4/27/2002 10:35:04 PM

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