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  March Photo contest
I was wondering when you will post the winners of the March photo contest?...
4/16/2002 2:26:07 PM
  studio lighting
Hi, I am new to studio lighting and am looking for a beginner's set like seen in Freestyle ma...
4/16/2002 12:56:04 PM
  Camera accessories price list
Where can I find the prize list for all the camera accessories specifically for filters and filte...
4/16/2002 12:45:15 PM
  Course Requirements for Understanding Exposure
Regarding the Understanding Exposure workshop - What are the requirements for the course? What eq...
4/16/2002 12:45:14 PM
  color gels as filters
I was just wondering if its possible to use colored gels as filters. Has anyone ever tried this? ...
4/15/2002 11:55:26 PM
  Blurry Ball Players
I take pictures for my church youth group, and it so happens that some of the youth members are i...
4/15/2002 11:53:12 PM
  about scanning TPs
is it possible to scan TPs in the same scanner in which Prints are scanned?...
4/15/2002 11:14:45 PM
  How to Shoot Sunsets and City Lights
Hi, how do I shoot at nighttime for city lights and sunset?...
4/15/2002 11:02:10 PM
  buying a camera
hi, I have a elph aps camera. It is ok, but I want to move on to the next level in photography. I...
4/15/2002 7:06:31 PM
  Professional Vs Consumer Slides films
Last time I asked a similar questions on *Slides Vs Negative* and got the answer that I should sh...
4/15/2002 8:51:50 AM

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