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  US Mail
I received an envelope from, addressed to me but nothing was in the envelope??? ...
7/8/2002 2:04:32 PM
Recently I heard about some G series lenses. I would like to know more about these lenses and who...
7/8/2002 11:36:53 AM
  Bird/Raptor/Fowl Category Needs To Be Added
I just uploaded a Golden Eagle shot and noticed under wildlife there is no bird/raptor/fowl categ...
7/8/2002 10:27:28 AM
TTL flash has the flash turn off when the film has enough light. This is right is it not? Then wh...
7/8/2002 12:36:39 AM
  Filters for digital camera
Hi, I was just wonderin whether it would be possible to use regular 35mm slr camera filters for m...
7/7/2002 3:35:58 AM
Hi, I'm going to the San Diego zoo in a couple of weeks with some friends and I am anticipati...
7/6/2002 11:54:56 PM
  Why can't I get negatives?
I'm new to the whole darkroom scene and it seems I can't get anything right. I follow al...
7/6/2002 12:10:45 PM
How do you accomplish a solid black background, eliminating everything except your subject....
7/6/2002 11:35:38 AM
  Making slides from negatives
Is it possible to make slides from my negatives? These are ordinary negatives from my 35mm.Thank...
7/6/2002 1:20:46 AM
  Leaving Shutter Open
I've been reading up on shooting fireworks, but I'm confused and can't find the answe...
7/6/2002 1:10:42 AM

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