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  Flash lighting for on location group shots
How can I have better light, on location at a local dance studio, for all of the group photos for...
5/9/2002 8:20:05 PM
How do I go about doing "painting" in photography? I know its something to do with taking picture...
5/9/2002 2:02:02 PM
  how to shoot in a dark night club
my husband is in a rock band and I want to take pictures of the band while theyare playing in a d...
5/9/2002 11:41:15 AM
  changing from color to b&w
If you take a picture in color, then decide it looks better in black and white, would it still be...
5/8/2002 4:56:53 PM
  How do I get a warm skin tone in portrait shots?
I am attempting to shoot my daughter's senior portrait, and possibly some others too. I will ...
5/8/2002 12:13:40 PM
  Digital back
Is it possible to replace the regular back of a 35mm SLR to a digital back with at least 3 Mpixel...
5/7/2002 10:27:28 AM
  How To Get Good Pictures of Black Dogs
How can I get good pictures of black dogs? Some I have taken turn out a little washed out....
5/7/2002 9:00:08 AM
  How to Compare Macro Lenses
How do I go about comparing Macro lenses? Should I stick with buying a lens that is the same bran...
5/7/2002 8:36:59 AM
  matte and mounted
what is the difference between mounting and matting a photo to submit for contest and such. just ...
5/7/2002 6:34:50 AM
  Exposure with Studio Flash
I shoot on 6"x 6" Medium Format, with Prime Lenses. When I take a Studio shot using the normal 8O...
5/7/2002 6:31:43 AM

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