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  black and white film
okay, I'm kinda new to this whole thing of "capturing life forever" if you know what I mean. ...
4/25/2002 11:39:17 AM
  Monitor test?
Does anyone know of a test to check the accuracy of shades tones and contrast of color and B&w o...
4/25/2002 8:38:33 AM
  Where Is This Place?
I have two questions:1. I have a place that I took several pictures of and would like to know mo...
4/24/2002 9:32:46 PM
  black and white film
I have never done black and white before and I would really like to. Will the b&w film say if it ...
4/24/2002 5:23:56 PM
  Need Help with Enlargers
I am comparing two beginner type enlargers, the Beseler Printmaker 35 and the Beseler Cadet II. D...
4/24/2002 2:01:08 AM
  How to Get Pro Looking Pics of People
i just started putting together this magazine, but I need good - no great! - pictures of people. ...
4/23/2002 6:36:00 PM
  How to Cut and Paste a Human Figure's Shape?
I want to know how do I cut a human figure from a picture to paste it in another new one. I want ...
4/23/2002 6:22:26 PM
  First "Real" Job
Hello! I'm so excited. Just got a request to do some photos, though I don't have all the ...
4/23/2002 1:45:56 PM
  Saving photos in video format
is there a way to convert photographs to a video format without actually pointing a video camera ...
4/23/2002 12:57:44 PM
I have a Pentax ZX-7 with a Tamron 28-200mm 4.5-5.6 lens, and would like to buy a 2x teleconverte...
4/23/2002 7:56:11 AM

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