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  polarizing filter
Can a circular polarizing filter (I use one from Promaster) affect the contrast of the print?...
6/22/2002 12:02:59 PM
  Church Photo Shoot
Hello ThereI Have a Father's Day photo shoot at our church. I have a minolta XTsi with a 3500...
6/22/2002 10:53:56 AM
  Minolta 5600hs or Metz 54 series
Hi, I own a Minolta Maxxum 7 and I'm trying to decide between the Minolta 5600hs flash and th...
6/21/2002 3:28:17 PM
  Infrared Development
Hello, I'm very intrigued with infrared photography but have no clue where I could send it to...
6/21/2002 11:41:37 AM
  how to put the film in and what is the speed
how do you put the film in I know how to shoot the photo but I dont know how to put the film in.w...
6/21/2002 9:46:21 AM
  35mm slides of art
I need to submit 35mm slides of some paintings for a juried exhibit. The paintings are acrylic. H...
6/21/2002 8:15:23 AM
  Deleting Images
How do I delete images and multiple entries for the contest by accidentally correcting typos more...
6/21/2002 12:52:07 AM
  What film to use?
Hi there! I am not quite sure what kind of film to use in this situation: I would have a model po...
6/20/2002 11:51:35 PM
  Internal flash for Minolta MaxxumST/SI
Dear John L.You asked me to check if my CR2 batteries were alkaline or Lithium. I found that my b...
6/20/2002 8:28:30 PM
  Film speed
I like to take pictures orf wildlife and macros of flowers and insects. What film speed would gi...
6/20/2002 7:27:54 PM

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