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When I got my photos back from the lab, I noticed on some pictures there was a lot of contrast. I...
6/20/2002 10:30:50 AM
  Uploading More Images
I'm allowed 15 pictures for my Member Gallery, I have 7 uploaded and am trying to upload more...
6/20/2002 5:07:41 AM
  Taking pictures of a solar eclipse
As far as can see, there r two major issues.1. Shooting into the sun could blind you2. getting th...
6/19/2002 9:36:55 PM
  Pushing Film
Hi, I was just wondering how much the quality of a print would be decreased if I pushed a ISO 400...
6/19/2002 7:20:50 PM
  Portraits with eye glasses
I need help taking portraits of people with eye glasses and useing flash are there any good posit...
6/19/2002 6:13:49 PM
  Taking pictures of yourself
I often want to include myself into some nice pictures, but travel alone. I got the tripod, and s...
6/19/2002 4:38:42 PM
  Tamron, and Sigma wide angle lenses 24mm.
Do Tamron, and Sigma wide angle 24mm fit 35mm ST/SI Maxxum QD Minolta camera bodies?...
6/19/2002 1:23:06 PM
  Slide films
Hello anyone who can answer this. I am wondering about Fuji Sensia 100. Is there such a thing as...
6/18/2002 5:47:01 PM
  Any tip on how to shoot in snow landscapes?
I am going with my family to Bariloche for a ski trip. Since I don't like to ski, I plan to e...
6/18/2002 2:34:19 PM
  Correct positioning
How should I behave if I find interesting angle, but the sun is shining from one side and can spo...
6/18/2002 10:36:26 AM

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