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Face to Face Encounter
  Face to Face Encounter
Face to Face Encounter
aperture f8, shutter 1/250, lens 20/80mm Zoom, location - Yellowstone - Wyoming
© Gunther Allen
Nikon D100 Digital...
Denny E. Barnes
BetterPhoto Member
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Denny's Gallery

member since: 1/19/2008
    Excellent, Gunther!! Beautiful animal beautifully captured!!! Very well done!!!...Denny

7/20/2008 10:57:31 PM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
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Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Those are some amazing horns, great wildlife capture Gunther!

7/21/2008 12:07:20 AM

Michael G. Marshall
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/4/2007

Terrific capture Gunther! Yellowstone is a magical place and the elk are huge! Michael

7/21/2008 4:05:09 AM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
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Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

Now that is a Big Boy! Excellent wildlife capture Gunther! Jeff

7/21/2008 4:10:02 AM

Tarun Bose
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/25/2006

Outstanding wild life capture. Great shot Gunther.

7/21/2008 4:19:57 AM

Claudia Kuhn
BetterPhoto Member
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Claudia's Gallery

member since: 3/14/2003

Beautiful capture Gunther!

7/21/2008 6:46:21 AM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
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Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Nice capture, Gunther. He is beautiful.

7/21/2008 1:21:26 PM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
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Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Congratulations on your excellent wildlife potd Gunther!

8/28/2008 12:27:27 AM

Usman Bajwa
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Usman
Usman's Gallery

member since: 4/11/2006

Great shot, Gunther. The huge antlers are almost covering the full picture. Congrats on POTD

8/28/2008 12:37:23 AM

Susie Peek-Swint
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/23/2002

Many congrats on POTD Gunther ~ wonderful capture!

8/28/2008 12:42:25 AM

Alison Greenwood
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/7/2005

Yay! Congratulations on your POTD Gunther! Great shot!

8/28/2008 12:55:44 AM

Nadya Johnson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/19/2004

Awesome shot! Congratulations on your Photo of the Day!

8/28/2008 1:07:05 AM

Cheryl Meisel
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/5/2001

Way to go!!! What a catch!

8/28/2008 2:34:14 AM

Joy E. Cobb
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Joy
Joy's Gallery

member since: 9/24/2005

Whoa, he's an intimidating fella! Amazing capture, Gunther, with excellent detail! Congratulations on your POTD!

8/28/2008 3:05:30 AM

Wally Orlowsky
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Wally
Wally's Gallery

member since: 1/30/2004

Congratulations on this amazing POTD, Gunther!

8/28/2008 3:11:32 AM

Josselyne Klecanda
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/13/2006


8/28/2008 3:47:56 AM

Joy Rector
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Joy
Joy's Gallery

member since: 6/26/2002

congrats on the POTD

8/28/2008 4:00:04 AM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ken
Ken's Gallery

member since: 6/11/2005

Way to go, Gunther! Congrats to you!!

8/28/2008 4:00:40 AM

Guy D. Biechele
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Guy
Guy's Gallery

member since: 7/15/2000

Congratulations on your POTD, Gunther. Terrific shot!!

8/28/2008 4:29:20 AM

Linda D. Lester
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Linda
Linda's Gallery

member since: 3/13/2004

WTG Gunther....Awesome shot!!!
Congratulations on your POTD!!!

8/28/2008 4:50:01 AM

Lisa J. Boulden
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lisa
Lisa's Gallery

member since: 12/2/2006

Gratz on your POTD!

8/28/2008 4:56:47 AM

BetterPhoto Member
Contact JO ANN
JO ANN's Gallery

member since: 3/16/2006

CONGRATULATIONS Gunther! Great capture!

jo ann c.

8/28/2008 5:12:31 AM

Mary Timman
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Mary
Mary's Gallery

member since: 4/2/2005

Fantastic capture. Such great clarity, light and color! Congratulatons on your wonderful POTD!

8/28/2008 5:18:27 AM

Sue L. Cullumber
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Sue
Sue's Gallery

member since: 12/30/2004

Gunther - big congrats on your POTD! Beautiful creature and wonderfully captured! Sue

8/28/2008 5:56:06 AM

Stephanie A. Laird
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Stephanie
Stephanie's Gallery

member since: 2/12/2005

Hi Gunther!!!!


8/28/2008 5:56:22 AM

Cathy Barrows
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/13/2003

congrats gunther on your POTD...where did you find this cutie

8/28/2008 6:02:58 AM

Amy Jackson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/24/2005

Congratulations on your POTD, Gunther!!

8/28/2008 6:34:11 AM

Evy Johansen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Evy
Evy's Gallery

member since: 6/16/2002

WOW... Awesome capture, Gunther!! Big congratulations on your wonderful and well deserved POTD!

8/28/2008 7:02:20 AM

Judy V. Kennamer
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Judy
Judy's Gallery

member since: 9/22/2005

Beautiful Gunther! Congrats on your well-deserved POTD!!!!!!!

8/28/2008 7:06:51 AM

Casey A. Hanson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/10/2003

What a beautiful image! Very well done, Gunther. Congrats! :0)

8/28/2008 7:12:10 AM

Jean E. Hildebrant
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/26/2007

Magnificent animal and capture! Congratulations!

8/28/2008 7:28:14 AM

Debora Kolcun
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/8/2006

Congrats Gunther! Just stunning and those eyes of his. Great work.

8/28/2008 7:40:35 AM

Thomas E. Dillon
Contact Thomas
Thomas's Gallery

member since: 5/19/2005

Gunther, that is one outstanding 7X7 bull. Wow. You did a great job of photographing him, and truly deserve your POD win! Well done!

8/28/2008 8:23:57 AM

Dennis Walton
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Dennis
Dennis's Gallery

member since: 3/18/2006

What a rack! Beautiful clarity on this shot.

8/28/2008 8:35:20 AM

Cary Rogers
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/30/2006

Congrats for this POTD, Gunther~! A magnificent capture (especially at 80mm!)!

8/28/2008 9:50:38 AM

Jennifer A. Litwiller

member since: 8/4/2006

Awesome photo. He looks like he is smiling!

8/28/2008 1:08:46 PM

Lorraine T. Lynch
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lorraine
Lorraine's Gallery

member since: 11/17/2002

A beautiful face to face encounter! A wonder wildlife image Gunther. Congratulations on your POTD today!

8/28/2008 1:26:39 PM

Susan M. Hembree
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Susan
Susan's Gallery

member since: 7/18/2006

Great details in this shot, Gunther! Congrats on the POTD!

8/28/2008 6:18:34 PM

Gunther Allen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Gunther
Gunther's Gallery

member since: 2/26/2003

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and thank you Better Photo for honoring me with the Photo of the Day! I was indeed very close to the guy. In fact he walked right up to me as I was lying in the grass and sniffed at me. I barely breathed and thought for a second that I might me in trouble.

8/28/2008 6:45:41 PM

Kathy L. Clark
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/29/2007

Congratulations on your awesome POTD Gunther.

8/29/2008 7:00:14 AM

Linda L. Soderfelt
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/10/2007

Congratulations on POD. This is incredibly done. The focus and composition are really remarkable.

8/31/2008 2:06:24 PM

Kay Beausoleil
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 5/31/2004

A 20-80 zoom lens?! Gunther, ARE YOU CRAZY???? Those things are big, unpredictable and dangerous (I live near moose country).

Yet this is a wonderful image, and you sure get across the power of the animal. Tack sharp, too, although this viewer is shaking just looking at the monitor. Must have been quite an experience for you. Congratulations on your POTD!

9/1/2008 10:06:09 AM

Gunther Allen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Gunther
Gunther's Gallery

member since: 2/26/2003

Thank Kay - I did not get this close intentionally. There was a group of people at the side of the rode and I went to the other side behind a grouping of logs. I was going to place my 200 mm lens on when this guy decide he would check me out. I was in between the logs and though I was safe, but when he came over and sniffed at be it was very unsettling. You might be able to notice the veins in his nose flaring as he puffed out some air. Luckily someone on the other side moved and made a crackling sound as he broke some twigs under foot. It startled the Elk and he wandered off into the forest. Even though I was in between the logs I don't mind saying that I was very uneasy - to say the least.

9/1/2008 11:27:19 AM

Kay Beausoleil
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 5/31/2004

Wow. I guess elk are less touchy than moose. Glad for you that this impressive image is a capture of a lifetime and not your final, final exposure.

9/1/2008 7:39:51 PM

Sherry S. Boles
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/28/2005

Congrats on your wonderful POTD!

9/4/2008 5:22:46 PM

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