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Lupin Photo Contest GRAND PRIZE Winner
Redwood National Park sunset
© Jeff  Chen Kuochih
Hasselblad H2 Medi...
Teresita Morgan
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/30/2005
    REALLY pretty!

7/31/2007 6:23:04 PM

Guy D. Biechele
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Guy
Guy's Gallery

member since: 7/15/2000

Exquisite image. Wonderful color and perfect sun.

7/31/2007 6:25:05 PM

Tamera Phillips
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tamera
Tamera's Gallery

member since: 7/28/2005

This is just beautiful Jeff. Love the wide angle and colors in the fg.

7/31/2007 7:57:19 PM

Rachel  McKinnie
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/10/2006

WOW! What a sight. I could sit there for hours :) Great shot.

7/31/2007 9:36:05 PM

Rachel  McKinnie
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/10/2006

Woohoo! Congrats!

8/27/2007 12:07:22 PM

Chastity Abbott
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Chastity
Chastity's Gallery

member since: 5/10/2006

This is just stunning!!!! Beautiful congrats!

8/27/2007 1:43:35 PM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeff
Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

Stunning work Jeff; congrats on your well deserved Finalist! Jeff

8/27/2007 2:57:28 PM

Erin Tyler
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/30/2005

Congrats on your Finalist!

8/27/2007 3:01:17 PM

Michael L. Dawson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Michael
Michael's Gallery

member since: 8/30/2005

Superb, now we know where all the lupin is!

8/27/2007 6:27:19 PM

Paul Parent
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Paul
Paul's Gallery

member since: 4/27/2004

Congratulations, beautiful finalist!

8/27/2007 6:39:46 PM

Tamera Phillips
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tamera
Tamera's Gallery

member since: 7/28/2005

I'm glad to see this one again! Congrats to you.

8/27/2007 6:50:21 PM

Amanda Chapman
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/10/2007 discovered UTOPIA!!!!!!

A huge congrats on your discovery and your finalist :)

8/27/2007 7:10:35 PM

Heather Thorsen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Heather
Heather's Gallery

member since: 8/22/2006

Congratulations Jeff.
What a beautiful sight.

8/28/2007 5:34:00 AM

Corné Arts
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/15/2007

Hi Jeff,
Love your panorama, just saw it on finalists, congrats and good luck. Very nice colours and flowers! Best wishes from holland, Corné

8/28/2007 6:38:11 AM

Shawn Jennings
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Shawn
Shawn's Gallery

member since: 1/25/2005

Beautiful image, Jeff! Congratulations on your finalist!

8/28/2007 6:51:32 AM

Robin R.
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Robin
Robin's Gallery

member since: 3/19/2006

Stunning image. Congrats.

8/28/2007 11:42:41 AM

Terry L. McKaig

member since: 9/25/2006

Absolutely gorgeous! congratulations!

8/29/2007 12:00:42 AM

S?ren Wettergreen
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/4/2005

Stunning image. Congrats.

8/29/2007 8:20:59 AM

Janet McNeil
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Janet
Janet's Gallery

member since: 8/16/2006

Congrats on grand prize!! Beautiful work!!

8/29/2007 8:26:14 AM

Melissa Gurdus
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Melissa
Melissa's Gallery

member since: 11/24/2005

This is absolutely stunning!! Congratulations on this beautiful grand prize winner, Jeff!!

8/29/2007 8:58:09 AM

cheryl m. phillips
BetterPhoto Member
Contact cheryl
cheryl's Gallery

member since: 12/29/2006

BEYOND "WOW"!!!!!!
Wonderful, wonderful work!!!

8/29/2007 9:06:52 AM

Nadya Johnson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/19/2004

The only word for this is - "AWESOME!" Congratulations on your stunning Grand Prize Winner, Jeff!

8/29/2007 9:14:51 AM

Mick Burkey
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Mick
Mick's Gallery

member since: 9/19/2005

Fantastic image, Jeff! Congratulations on the Grand Prize - very well deserved!

8/29/2007 9:15:20 AM

Les Rhoades
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Les
Les's Gallery

member since: 3/22/2004

Party time!!! = Congratulations on this well deserved WINNER!

8/29/2007 9:31:01 AM

Joan Powell
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/16/2006

Congrats on your win of this most stunning scene !!

8/29/2007 9:33:16 AM

Autum Rhoades
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/1/2005

Congrats to you on this fantastic winner!

8/29/2007 9:34:28 AM

Lynne Morris
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lynne
Lynne's Gallery

member since: 1/9/2005

Congratulations on a well deserved Grand Prize winner Jeff, this is STUNNING!

8/29/2007 9:34:53 AM

Cynthia L. Deters
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/18/2007

Congratulations! This is absolutely beautiful! I have been to Redwood National Park as a child, this picture makes me want to go back. Great Work!

8/29/2007 9:39:09 AM

Rahul Sharma
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/15/2007

Congratulations on this well deserved & Brilliant win.....

8/29/2007 9:45:46 AM

Guy D. Biechele
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Guy
Guy's Gallery

member since: 7/15/2000

Congratulations on your Grand Prize win!! Fabulous shot!!

8/29/2007 9:51:26 AM

Jeana Clark
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeana
Jeana's Gallery

member since: 10/11/2006




8/29/2007 9:52:54 AM

Deepak Mathur

member since: 7/13/2004

Congrats on this fantastic win!

8/29/2007 10:04:32 AM

Sherry K. Adkins
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Sherry
Sherry's Gallery

member since: 5/13/2006

CONGRATS Jeff on Grand Prize. VERY well deserved. Beautiful image!

8/29/2007 10:06:10 AM

Jeff  Chen Kuochih

member since: 6/2/2007

Thank you all for the comments and thanks to the judge who selected this

8/29/2007 10:09:39 AM

RC  Fritz
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/25/2006


8/29/2007 10:19:20 AM

Christopher J. Budny
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/3/2005

A truly spectacular image, and 110% worthy of the Grand Prize. Congratulations on this magnificent win!

8/29/2007 10:51:49 AM

Terry L. Ellis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry's Gallery

member since: 8/20/2004

A magnificent image, Jeff! Very well deserved Grand Prize win!

8/29/2007 11:30:31 AM

Viveca Venegas
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/10/2002

Spectacular Jeff, CONGRATS!!

8/29/2007 12:33:59 PM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Congratulations on your fantastic winner. Beautiful colors.

8/29/2007 12:38:44 PM

Daniella Puente
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Daniella
Daniella's Gallery

member since: 2/10/2005

Congrats on this amazing photo winner!

8/29/2007 12:46:14 PM

Cathy Stancil
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/16/2004

Congratulations on this wonderful image, Jeff !!Absolutely beautiful !

8/29/2007 12:48:44 PM

Claudia Kuhn
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Claudia
Claudia's Gallery

member since: 3/14/2003

So gorgeous!! Congratulations on your GRAND PRIZE winner!!!!!

8/29/2007 12:52:38 PM

Peter R. Hammer
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/29/2006

Outstanding image and definitely a WOW shot. This is just stunning and got a well deserved win. Congratulations Jeff.

8/29/2007 2:38:12 PM

Anna Diederich
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Anna
Anna's Gallery

member since: 5/30/2005

Congratulations on your stunning Grand Prize win!!

8/29/2007 3:02:43 PM

David Pearce
BetterPhoto Member
Contact David
David's Gallery

member since: 5/18/2005

That's just AWESOME! Fantastic capture. Congratulations and please keep 'em coming.

8/29/2007 3:24:41 PM

Laurie Daily
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laurie
Laurie's Gallery

member since: 6/3/2006

Beautiful! Congratulations on this wonderful grand prize winner!

8/29/2007 3:52:00 PM

Lester A. Garcia
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/12/2005

This is the most deserving winner I have ever seen. Nothing beats a good equipmnet, perfect scene and a great esthetic eye. CONGRATULATIONS JEFF! -Lester

8/29/2007 4:30:49 PM

Donna R. Wageman
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/27/2005

Congratulations bigtime - outstanding!

8/29/2007 5:34:28 PM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ken
Ken's Gallery

member since: 6/11/2005

Picture perfect. Very well deserved!

8/29/2007 5:58:08 PM

Eugenio Diaz

member since: 11/6/2006

Congratulations Jeff on your second place winner. Well deserved!

8/29/2007 7:03:30 PM

Eugenio Diaz

member since: 11/6/2006

Congratulations Jeff on your Grand Prize Winner. Well deserved!

8/29/2007 7:04:18 PM

Louise Souchereau
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/10/2005

Congratulations Jeff, I miss this spectacular scene ,wawwwwwwwww gorgeous, fabulous, this is well deserved, bravo bravo et bravo

8/29/2007 7:23:18 PM

Evy Johansen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Evy
Evy's Gallery

member since: 6/16/2002

How very beautiful!! Big congratulations on your Grand Prize win, Jeff!!

8/29/2007 8:28:40 PM

Rolando Rosito
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Rolando
Rolando's Gallery

member since: 2/6/2007

Congratulations Jeff, WOW Picture!

8/29/2007 8:28:44 PM

Janine Russell
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Janine
Janine's Gallery

member since: 6/22/2005

Jeff, excellent colors, detail, lighting, composition and DOF; big congratulations on your Grand Prize winning image.

8/29/2007 9:37:18 PM

Cora Miller
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Cora
Cora's Gallery

member since: 4/18/2004

Spectacular image and most deserving of it's grand prize win. Congratulations.

8/29/2007 10:29:13 PM

Ross Throndson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ross
Ross's Gallery

member since: 11/13/2005

Wow....So Beautiful....Many Congratulations on your Grand Prize Win!!

8/30/2007 1:52:56 AM

Patricia (Pat) C. Exum
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Patricia (Pat)
Patricia (Pat)'s Gallery

member since: 11/24/2002


Absolutely breathtaking! Well deservered Grand Prize Winner! Love the colors and lighting.


8/30/2007 4:09:17 AM

BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/12/2002

Congratulations on your beautiful pano image and GP win Jeff! Wonderful design, light and colors!!

8/30/2007 8:22:58 AM

Vishal Sharma
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/23/2006

AWESOME scenic capture!!!! Congratulations!!!!

8/30/2007 11:14:39 AM

Nathalie Charbonneau
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/2/2003

Many congrats!!! beautiful point of view and crop! thanks for sharing!!

8/30/2007 1:26:51 PM

Ann Varley
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ann
Ann's Gallery

member since: 8/16/2007

Standing Ovation! Bravo! Ann

8/30/2007 1:33:29 PM

Tammy Graham
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/12/2007

Congratulations... outstanding photography!!

8/30/2007 2:15:14 PM

Chris Welch
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/3/2005

Beautiful image! Congrats.

8/30/2007 7:53:21 PM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Stunning lighting on this beautiful scene. Congrats on your top honors Jeff!

8/31/2007 12:53:35 AM

Madhu Ramaswamy
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Madhu
Madhu's Gallery

member since: 2/2/2006

No wonder why this was picked for the grand prize. It's simply amazing. Wonderful shot Jeff.

8/31/2007 12:55:51 AM

Janice Mezzacappa
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Janice
Janice's Gallery

member since: 1/26/2007

Simply outstandimg, what a gorgeous view, so serene and colorful. Congrats Jeff, well deserved as a winner!

8/31/2007 9:07:38 AM

Anita N. Hogue
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Anita
Anita's Gallery

member since: 5/30/2004

WOW, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!............anita

8/31/2007 2:28:04 PM

Zack G. Ahern
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/19/2007

Amazing shot! Congrats!

8/31/2007 2:31:26 PM

Judy V. Kennamer
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Judy
Judy's Gallery

member since: 9/22/2005

Beautiful Jeff!! Congrats!

8/31/2007 7:59:46 PM

randy dannheim
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/21/2006

Ditto, Jeff!

8/31/2007 9:13:15 PM

Nadia Paul
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Nadia
Nadia's Gallery

member since: 8/2/2005

Stunning image Jeff - congrats!

9/1/2007 4:43:58 AM

Robert R. Grove
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/22/2004

A Gorgeous winner ! congrats Jeff ,regards Robert

9/1/2007 4:20:01 PM

bob cornelison
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/9/2003

Well deserved grand prize!

9/1/2007 11:08:48 PM

Kristi A. Howson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/22/2004

Congratulations on this gorgeous Grand Prize Winner Jeff. Love the purple flower and beautiful light!

9/2/2007 8:02:41 PM

Carla Metzler
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/13/2004

Congratulations on your win, Jeff!!

9/3/2007 3:48:02 AM

J E. Harris
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/18/2006

Congratulations Jeff!! Outstanding image!

9/3/2007 10:48:30 AM

Vladan D. Djordjevic
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/13/2006

Congratulations Jeff!!! Fantastic photo! Great composition, color, lighting, feeling!

9/3/2007 8:13:04 PM

"emmanuel ""nolax""" N. Montemar
BetterPhoto Member
Contact "emmanuel ""nolax"""
"emmanuel ""nolax"""'s Gallery

member since: 8/6/2007

one of the best! big congratulations jeff!

9/4/2007 3:23:57 AM

Sherry Sturgis
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/30/2006

MAGNIFICANT!!!! Congratulations!!!! ♫

9/5/2007 7:36:05 AM

Stanley C. Sims

member since: 1/28/2001

No more words left to say Jeff. Just a jaw dropper. Congrats on a well deserved grand prize winner.

9/5/2007 7:34:11 PM

Cheryl Meisel
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/5/2001

WOW just breathtaking! BIG CONGRATS on your WINNING shot, it is so well deserved and just so beautiful!

9/6/2007 7:45:51 PM

Tammy Bergström
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/25/2004

Gorgeous! Ahhh, soooo beautiful!! Congrats!

9/10/2007 2:56:23 PM

Pamela A. MacBean
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/8/2007

Soooooooooooooo beautiful!! Congratulations on your well-deserved win, Jeff...Magnificent pic!! :)

9/11/2007 1:57:58 PM

Linda D. Lester
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Linda
Linda's Gallery

member since: 3/13/2004

This is one beauty...just to be there had to be awesome! Congratulations!

9/13/2007 3:26:45 PM

Leanna  Weber
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/25/2006

This so deserves the win. Amazing image.

9/17/2007 12:36:23 AM

Kathy L. Clark
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/29/2007

Jeff I just wanted to tell you this is the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid my eyes on and a huge congratulation on a most worthy winner.

9/20/2007 9:42:15 AM

Jessyca S. McCargo
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/21/2005

Wow! This photo is exquisite. Great Capture! Congratulations.

10/7/2007 2:58:55 PM

Dennis Walton
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Dennis
Dennis's Gallery

member since: 3/18/2006

This is truly an award winner.

10/19/2007 7:04:40 PM

Joyce ONeil
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/4/2005


1/9/2008 8:47:47 AM

Dianna Murphy
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/20/2006

Amazing image!

2/17/2008 3:20:30 PM

Geraldine E. Lefoe
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/14/2006

Way to go Jeff - voted the most fave image for a very good reason! Well done

2/26/2008 1:32:06 AM

Candice  L. Carter
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/3/2007

Exquisite! The colors are radiant and bright. It makes you want to search the skyline forever. Beautifully captured.

3/9/2008 12:52:40 PM

Avril Young
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Avril
Avril's Gallery

member since: 4/25/2007

WOW, this photo just took my breathe away....really stunning!

4/12/2008 3:21:13 AM


BetterPhoto Member

Very well done here Jeff. The most Popular photo on BP is well deserving of all the awards it and you have received. Congrats to you.


1/7/2010 6:11:33 PM

Usman Bajwa
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Usman
Usman's Gallery

member since: 4/11/2006

Belated CONGRATZ on your beautiful capture and GP Win, Jeff!


2/10/2010 9:20:51 PM

Carolyn M. DAlessandro
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/10/2005

I don't know why I missed this amazing incredibly outstanding winning image...WOW,it is absolutely stunning.Bravo, well done!!!

4/13/2011 7:47:26 PM

Phyllis A. Houghton
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Phyllis
Phyllis's Gallery

member since: 3/17/2006

I would have loved to have been there. Stunningly beautiful!

3/26/2012 2:07:27 PM

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