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Lavender field at dawn Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner
Lavender field at dawn
Lavender field at dawn
Lens: Nikon 17-55mm @ 44mm • f/22 • 8 sec
© Andreas G. Karelias
Nikon D2X Digital ...
Emily E. Bem
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/15/2006
    Looks like a WINNER to me.....SENSATIONAL!

7/24/2007 2:21:50 PM

Corné Arts
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/15/2007

WOW this is awesome. Where did you shoot this? I want a similar shot like this with my camera. Beautiful colours and almost as far as you can see.. Well done!! Best wishes from holland, Corné

7/24/2007 2:28:15 PM

Theresa Marie Jones
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003

Spectacular and so beautiful!!

7/24/2007 2:28:19 PM

Margie Hurwich
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/16/2005

Wonderful, Andreas! Love it!

7/24/2007 2:28:55 PM

Sherri Gorman
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/26/2006

WOW, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

7/24/2007 2:30:59 PM

Chastity Abbott
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/10/2006

Lucky you to capture this!!!!! Took my breathe away!!! :) Winner to me too!!!

7/24/2007 2:32:55 PM

Andreas G. Karelias
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Andreas
Andreas's Gallery

member since: 7/30/2005

Emily, Corne, Theresa, Sherri and Margie thank you all so much.
Margie, I hope you are doing well, your remarks mean so much to me.
Corne, this was shot in Provence, southern France during a recent workshop I attended. Took many lavender filed shots, the place is full there. Have another one in my web site.
Regards - Andreas

7/24/2007 2:35:44 PM

Monika Sapek
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Monika
Monika's Gallery

member since: 8/31/2002

Beautiful work, Andreas!

7/24/2007 2:38:35 PM

Linda D. Lester
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Linda
Linda's Gallery

member since: 3/13/2004

WOW! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/24/2007 2:42:51 PM

Peter R. Hammer
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/29/2006

Great shot Andreas. They make a great subject and you got this one at the right time of the day. This should do very well in the comp.

7/24/2007 2:43:06 PM

Judy Williams

member since: 4/24/2004

Spectacular. I love the use of colour and line to create harmony in the shot. Beautifully done.

7/24/2007 3:11:37 PM

william r. griffin
Contact william
william's Gallery

member since: 7/7/2007

Great Shot!!!!

7/24/2007 3:20:33 PM

Joan Powell
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/16/2006

So pretty , I love the way the deep purple flowers run into the light purple sky .

7/24/2007 3:49:07 PM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeff
Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

This is Outstanding in every way Andreas!! Great lines, color and composition! Jeff

7/24/2007 3:57:18 PM

Cyn D Valentine
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Cyn D
Cyn D's Gallery

member since: 10/28/2005

Fantastic Andreas...applause!!

7/24/2007 4:04:45 PM

Mark Lenz
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/13/2006

Great lines and colors!!!!

7/24/2007 4:12:52 PM

Sandy Powers
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/24/2005

OMG!! That is the most striking, unique, and beautiful landscape I have seen in a LONG LONG time.

Major Kudos to you!!!!! I expect to see this as a Grand Prize winner, please??? :)

7/24/2007 4:28:56 PM

Laura Lynne Daniels
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/8/2006

Absolutely gorgeous, Andreas!!

7/24/2007 5:21:27 PM

Arlene Krassner
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/2/2006

Absolutely lovely and I bet the scent was outrageous!

7/24/2007 7:34:39 PM

Aleksandra Miesak
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/5/2007

Just stunning! Must have been a wonderful workshop.

7/31/2007 8:06:40 AM

Jeana Clark
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeana
Jeana's Gallery

member since: 10/11/2006

WOW!!! This is STUNNING Andreas!!! I would LOVE to see this in person!! Lavender fields are SO beautiful!! EXCELLENT!!! Looks like a winner to me!!


8/4/2007 8:14:17 AM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Gorgeous colors, lighting and design elements!

8/8/2007 5:28:51 PM

Holly Hitchcock
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/28/2006

What a special shot, Andreas. One of the most beautiful I've seen. Congratulations!!!!

8/12/2007 9:07:46 AM

Aimee S. McMaster
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Aimee
Aimee's Gallery

member since: 11/20/2005

...truly spectacular Andreas....amazing image....Aimee

8/15/2007 12:57:35 PM

Chastity Abbott
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/10/2006

I would love to see this one get grand prize!!!!! Congrats!

8/27/2007 12:29:17 PM

Jeana Clark
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeana
Jeana's Gallery

member since: 10/11/2006



8/27/2007 1:14:48 PM

Karen E. Wojnarowicz
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/6/2006

This is one of the most beautiful scenes. congrats on your finalist. have added this to my favorites,

8/27/2007 1:18:15 PM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeff
Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

Congrats Andreas on this beautiful Finalist! Jeff

8/27/2007 3:00:02 PM

Tamera Phillips
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tamera
Tamera's Gallery

member since: 7/28/2005

Awesome finalist! I would love to hang this one in my home. Congratulations.

8/27/2007 7:07:49 PM

Sanjay  KH
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/23/2006

Beautiful capture and congrats!

8/27/2007 8:45:40 PM

Heather Thorsen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Heather
Heather's Gallery

member since: 8/22/2006

This is truly beautiful Andreas.
Congratulations on your finalist.

8/28/2007 6:57:34 AM

Hendrik Storme
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/14/2005

Fantastic finalist! Big congrats Andreas!!!

8/28/2007 12:42:07 PM

Debra R. Harder
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Debra
Debra's Gallery

member since: 2/13/2007

This is so amazingly beautiful, Andreas! Big congrats on your well-deserved finalist! Deb

8/28/2007 2:58:13 PM

Terry L. McKaig

member since: 9/25/2006

What a wonderful image! Your perspective is terrific and so is the color.

8/29/2007 12:02:57 AM

Jeana Clark
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeana
Jeana's Gallery

member since: 10/11/2006



8/29/2007 9:51:02 AM

Chastity Abbott
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/10/2006

This was truly a favorite for me from the beginning...stil is!!!!! Beautiful congrats on your winnging!!!!!!!!

8/29/2007 11:56:01 AM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Congratulations on your beautiful second place winner. Love the colors.

8/29/2007 1:01:35 PM

Daniella Puente
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Daniella
Daniella's Gallery

member since: 2/10/2005

Wow! what a colors and composition...congrats on the winner is an amazing photo!!!

8/29/2007 1:05:39 PM

Peter R. Hammer
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/29/2006

Congratulations Andreas for your second place. I would have thought that this deserved better as it is a stunning image.

8/29/2007 2:40:30 PM

Chris Schlosser
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Chris
Chris's Gallery

member since: 6/3/2007

Andreas, this is so beautiful. My favorite of the winners and finalists.
Great job!!

8/29/2007 5:33:37 PM

Eugenio Diaz

member since: 11/6/2006

WOW, OUTSTANDING and UNIQUE. Andreas, your image is AMAZING. CONGRATULATIONS for your Second Place. Well Deserved!!!

8/29/2007 7:23:17 PM

Renee Doyle
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Renee
Renee's Gallery

member since: 1/16/2005

Truly beautiful Andreas!!!! Congratulations

8/29/2007 7:45:52 PM

Evy Johansen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Evy
Evy's Gallery

member since: 6/16/2002

Simply beautiful!! Big congratulations on your second place win, Andreas!

8/29/2007 8:36:46 PM

Melissa McCabe
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/18/2007

Breath-taking - I love this image!!! Congratulations to you Andreas, and lucky for the rest of us that your work can be showcased like this (so new people like me can "discover" you!!). I will be checking your gallery regularly from now on! -mm

8/29/2007 9:34:13 PM

Janine Russell
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Janine
Janine's Gallery

member since: 6/22/2005

Andreas, great color, composition, point of view and DOF; big congratulations on your Second Place Win!

8/29/2007 9:55:53 PM

Virginia Leone
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Virginia
Virginia's Gallery

member since: 2/27/2006

This is a beautiful photo...worthy of the win! Congrats!

8/30/2007 7:13:18 AM

Raymond Pauly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Raymond
Raymond's Gallery

member since: 6/3/2006

Very beautiful winner! Congratulations!

8/31/2007 12:15:09 AM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Congratulations on your beautiful winning image!

8/31/2007 12:56:12 AM

Judy V. Kennamer
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Judy
Judy's Gallery

member since: 9/22/2005

Incredible Andreas! Congrats on your well-deserved win!!

8/31/2007 8:02:01 PM

Lynne Morris
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lynne
Lynne's Gallery

member since: 1/9/2005

Congratulations on this wonderful win Andreas, this is an awesome capture!

8/31/2007 11:02:47 PM

Shelly A. Van Camp
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Shelly
Shelly's Gallery

member since: 2/9/2005

I love purple and this is so beautiful!! Well done and Congrats!!

9/2/2007 7:45:33 AM

Vladan D. Djordjevic
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/13/2006

Beautiful, beautiful photo! Wow, wow!Congratulations!

Super composition, color, perspective, feeling!

9/3/2007 7:58:23 PM

Erik A. Bohlin
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/3/2007

This is just beautiful. I just want to keep looking at it. Erik

9/15/2007 4:43:39 PM


BetterPhoto Member

What beautiful colors here! Gorgeous!

9/21/2008 10:27:44 AM

doug pignet
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/15/2007


This is just amazing ....great job.

Diane Pignet

8/12/2009 4:19:41 PM

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