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OH NO! Shutter Speed Problems

  OH NO!
Is my flash and shutter out of sync? Where do I get a 30 year old Chinon camera fixed?
© Nikki Schwerdfeger
Nikki Schwerdfeger     HELP! I need some advice on what to do with my camera. I have two full rolls of this kind of picture. Apparently my flash and shutter were not working together. Some of the pictures will actually show the candles or other lights in the dark strip, and when we took a couple of pictures without the flash, the dark strip is gone. The only thing that could have been more heart breaking would have been the dark strip on the top. At least this way I can crop a few faces and use them in a scrapbook display.

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5/9/2002 8:44:04 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000

It's possible that your camera needs service, but I think it is about 98% probability that you were shooting with the shutter speed set higher than the camera's x-sync speed. The x-sync speed is usually marked with the speed in red or with an "x-" next to the speed, like "x-60". Sync speeds of 1/60, 1/90, or 1/125 are most common. When the shutter speed is set faster than the x-sync, then the shutter doesn't open on the entire frame, but instead forms a slit that travels across the film. The flash is much shorter duration, so it affects only the portion of the frame that the shutter is open on.

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5/9/2002 11:58:20 AM

Nikki Schwerdfeger  

Thanks Jon, you are right. I checked the camera and the shutter speed was set at 250. This is not my normal setting and must have been accidentally moved during set up. What an expensive lesson in the use of my camera, both in terms of $$$ and disappointment. I appreciate your quick response as I was lamenting the fact that I could not use this camera for Prom pictures tomorrow night. Thanks again to you and BetterPhoto.

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5/11/2002 5:24:35 AM

Karen P. Bryan  

Just don't cut up your originals!
You may be able to scan them into the computer, and manipulate 2 good sides to make one good photo? I don't know what you may have for digital imaging, if anything, but it may be worth the try!

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6/18/2002 6:28:55 AM

Nikki Schwerdfeger  

Hey! Thanks Karen, I really didn't think of combining pictures. That could help with the scrapbooking which I am trying for the first time. Had all the papers, books, etc for over a year and never get around to doing anything. It's worth a try.

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6/18/2002 5:11:39 PM

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