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Colorful Look Photo Contest FIRST PLACE Winner
Colorful Look
Colorful Look
300mm f4, 1/350 sec, 300f4, taken in Belgium
© Monique Bogaerts
Canon EOS 10D Digi...
Leesa White
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/22/2003
    Wow, very cool picture! Color's are beautiful!

2/7/2005 4:09:04 PM

Charlene Taylor
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/9/2002

This is really wonderful. The colors are great.

2/7/2005 4:29:58 PM

Marsha S. Smith
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/21/2004

Gorgeous and very colorful, but amazing that they could get a little one to hold still long enough to do such a neat paint job. Beautiful child.

2/7/2005 4:30:38 PM

Macy M. Storme

member since: 2/2/2005


2/7/2005 5:05:22 PM

Stephanie Lyons
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/5/2005

Captivating ... nice color, great cropping, beautiful subject ... unique.

2/7/2005 5:39:12 PM

Shane L. Goodchild

member since: 2/17/2004


2/7/2005 5:39:43 PM

Susana Heide
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Susana
Susana's Gallery

member since: 7/30/2003

Beautiful face painting!! Your lighting on this is great and her eyes are very expressive!

2/7/2005 6:52:05 PM

Judy S. Fung
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/3/2004

Wonderful shot, Monique! Lovely colors.

2/8/2005 2:08:28 AM

Anita N. Hogue
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Anita
Anita's Gallery

member since: 5/30/2004

Congratulation, this is a really cool image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/15/2005 4:28:32 PM

robert burks
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/23/2005

Monique...this has got to be one of the most precious and beautiful shots of a child I have ever none...well done, and congrats on being a finalist!

3/15/2005 4:34:39 PM

Charlene Taylor
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/9/2002

Congradulations! I'm so glad you made finalist.

3/15/2005 4:55:20 PM

Amanda Olson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/5/2004

Great shot Monique!!! She is just beautiful!!! I love how the way her facec is painted makes her eyes stand out; at least to me. I also reallt like the angle you shot from. Congrats on your finalist too! :)

3/15/2005 6:41:58 PM

Judy S. Fung
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/3/2004

Congrats, Monique!

3/15/2005 6:55:46 PM

Monique Bogaerts
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/19/2004

Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate this very very much!


3/16/2005 1:04:53 AM

Stephanie Lyons
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/5/2005

Congratulations Monique! Well deserved!

3/16/2005 10:54:14 AM

Judy S. Fung
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/3/2004

Congrats on your win, Monique!

3/17/2005 3:18:36 PM

Casey A. Hanson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/10/2003

This is beautiful, Monique!
Congratulations on your win! :0)

3/17/2005 3:22:07 PM

Susana Heide
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Susana
Susana's Gallery

member since: 7/30/2003

CONGRATS on this well deserved win, Monique! Definitely a beautifully unique portrait of a child!

3/17/2005 3:38:16 PM

Ed Heaton
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/13/2003

Hi Monique,
Congratulations on this tremendous image!

3/17/2005 3:53:17 PM

Patricia A. Kuniega
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/17/2003

Congratulations, Monique, on this beautiful image! So wonderful to see that it won first prize! : )

3/17/2005 4:08:43 PM

Susi Lawson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/12/2002

A real Stunner! Big Congrats!!

3/17/2005 4:18:45 PM

Rhonda Smith
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/23/2004

This is unbelievably beautiful!! Congrats on your win and it's well deserved .

3/17/2005 5:20:14 PM

kathy wolfe
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/10/2004

I love this! Congratulations on a fine deserved win!!

3/17/2005 7:07:37 PM

Kelly Plitt
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/6/2005

GREAT photo!! I really love this - congratulations!

3/17/2005 7:09:55 PM

Kelly Abernathy
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kelly
Kelly's Gallery

member since: 1/5/2004

Congratulations on your first place win! -K

3/17/2005 7:21:33 PM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

What a precious face. Congratulations!!

3/17/2005 11:04:14 PM

Wong Chek Poh
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Wong
Wong's Gallery

member since: 3/30/2004

Perfect lighting and eye focus. Love the color. Congratulations !! :)

3/18/2005 12:28:29 AM

Peggy Wolff
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/26/2003

Congratulations on winning with this fun and colorful shot!

3/18/2005 7:07:48 AM

Leanne M.E. Boyd
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/16/2003

What an amazing image! Congratulations on your first place wint!

3/18/2005 9:24:26 AM

The  Italian  Eye
BetterPhoto Member
Contact The
The 's Gallery

member since: 3/13/2004



3/18/2005 9:48:59 AM

Kara Hendricks
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kara
Kara's Gallery

member since: 10/18/2004

Fantastic image!! Congratulations!!

3/18/2005 11:18:00 AM

Nicole Grimsley

member since: 3/11/2004

Absolutely the most beautiful face I have ever seen (aside from my own children, of course :). Great Capture! Congratulations!

3/18/2005 2:24:41 PM

Monika Sapek
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Monika
Monika's Gallery

member since: 8/31/2002

Captivated! Her eyes and the colors make this image stunning! Congrats on your First Place Win, Monigue!

3/18/2005 4:20:37 PM

Terry  R. Hatfield
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry 's Gallery

member since: 1/4/2003

Monique This Is An Amazing Image!! Love The Colors And Those Beautiful Eyes:-)
Congratulations On Your 1st Place Win!!!

3/18/2005 5:52:42 PM

Leonard Pierce
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/31/2001

Congratulations on your First Place win, Monique!!!

3/19/2005 3:46:08 PM

Dolores Neilson
Contact Dolores
Dolores's Gallery

member since: 11/18/2001

What an amazing portrait, MOnique!! Big congrats on your first place win!! THe judges really are on the mark!

3/20/2005 8:58:45 PM

Wendy Stevenson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Wendy
Wendy's Gallery

member since: 3/28/2004

Wow a really incredible portrait!! Congrats on your FIRST PLACE win!! The colour is amazing!!

3/21/2005 11:59:11 AM

Patrick Campbell
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/21/2002

Monique, congrats on your win and for creating this breathtaking portrait!

3/22/2005 7:56:52 PM

Kristi A. Howson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/22/2004

Congratulations on your First Place Winner Monique. Love the gaze/expression and the paints make this so colorful.

3/23/2005 10:58:28 AM

Nancy Grace Chen
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/18/2004

Breathtaking. I love the vivid makeup on her face, but what really captivates me is her radiant blue eye. Congratulations on an absolutely well-deserved First Place winner.


3/26/2005 7:49:23 PM

Tina L. Folsom
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/21/2005

Truly breathtaking...gorgeous eyes on that child!

3/28/2005 3:27:26 PM

Cora Miller
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Cora
Cora's Gallery

member since: 4/18/2004

Supurb capture, Monique! Congratulations on your win!

3/28/2005 10:54:02 PM

Susan L. Vasquez
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/24/2005

There is no doubt why this in a winner! I must say I've never seen such a beautiful shot of a child. The colors are amazing and her eyes just grab your attention. I can't stop staring. Wonderful beyond belief! Someday I hope to be this good!!!

6/2/2005 7:49:19 AM

Dan Plumpton
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/27/2003

OMG! This is just beautiful.

7/7/2005 11:10:24 AM

Mackenzie L. Williams
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/3/2006

Beautiful picture! Her eyes are gorgeous! Kudos to you AND the artist!

4/5/2006 11:11:56 PM

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