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Where in the World is Snappy?
  Where in the World is Snappy?
Where in the World is Snappy?
Here is our first quiz photo. Just for fun... where in the world was this photo taken...
© Dudo Erny
Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
    So... what do you think? Where is this place?

11/9/2001 4:32:50 PM

Heather Neumark

member since: 10/28/2001

I have a feeling it is somewhere in Italy. I am not sure - that or either somewhere in Europe. It is a great pic.

11/9/2001 9:16:42 PM


member since: 6/15/2000

I believe it is Austria; perhaps Vienna.

11/9/2001 10:38:20 PM

Light _

member since: 5/24/2001

My guess is Lichtenstein.

11/9/2001 11:00:03 PM

Bob Wilken

member since: 9/7/2001

I think it's in San Francisco. Or Spain

11/9/2001 11:09:09 PM

Ramon Uy

member since: 9/13/2001

I it's in Germany

11/10/2001 1:26:04 AM

Jan Johnson

member since: 1/23/2001

Rothenberg, Germany

11/10/2001 5:19:48 AM

Edward Siegel

member since: 11/4/2001

I believe that it is in Austria or Belgium


11/10/2001 6:41:56 AM

Helene I

member since: 9/30/2001

This past summer my granddaughter went to spain. She brought back a picture that looks a lot like this one. I think it is in Spain.

11/10/2001 2:54:10 PM

john s

member since: 8/21/2001

It looks like a Swiss town.

11/10/2001 6:59:14 PM

Donna R. Moratelli
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 11/23/2000

could it be Place Celestines? Looks like the same style architecture. Otherwise,somewhere in France.Donnarae

11/10/2001 7:40:54 PM

Charlie F. Kohn

member since: 11/5/2001

it looks like rothenburg/germany. or is it dinkelsbuehl? we have a number of such wonderfully refurbished historical towns in our country.

charlie.f.kohn at

11/11/2001 10:27:03 AM

Mary Ellen Siegler

member since: 10/26/2001

Is it Quebec City, Canada?

11/11/2001 7:14:24 PM

bill Spain

member since: 4/24/2001

i believe it is spain

11/11/2001 9:36:31 PM

Charlie F. Kohn

member since: 11/5/2001

it surely can only be austria, germany or switzerland. I still believe in germany: noerdlingen?

charlie f.kohn at

11/11/2001 9:46:11 PM

Bob Wilken

member since: 9/7/2001

I have responed and you keep sending it back again.I am Bob W and I gave my answer on 11 9 01 quite sending this back.were is it taken? Or Don't you know?

11/12/2001 12:47:00 AM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.

Hi Bob (and everybody) -

When you answer the question, there is a checkbox that says "If you would like to be notified when someone responds to this thread, check this box." Since you left that checked, you are getting notified when others try to answer. I have changed your notification status, Bob, so this won't happen again.

By the way, 1 and 1/3 of the above answers are getting very warm but I am hoping for a more specific answer. The correct answer will be posted in the next PhotoFlash.

May the best travel photographer win ;^)

11/12/2001 1:24:57 AM

Bob Wilken

member since: 9/7/2001

Thanks for telling me about the check mark.I didn't do it this time. My second guess is Geneva, Switzerland

11/12/2001 1:49:33 AM

Charlie F. Kohn

member since: 11/5/2001

my last guess is stein am rhein/switzerland.

charlie f.kohn at

11/12/2001 3:32:51 AM


I believe this photo was taken in Rome, veniece or italy

11/12/2001 2:19:45 PM


member since: 7/10/2001

A guess that it is in Venice

11/13/2001 6:31:25 AM

Jim Dunst

member since: 1/12/2001

I believe this is Switzerland, perhaps Berne

11/14/2001 11:47:08 AM

Amy Wadley
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Amy
Amy's Gallery

member since: 11/30/2000

I have a feeling it is somewhere in the French Countryside. Not sure exactly what town though.

11/20/2001 12:37:15 PM

Michael S. McCook
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Michael
Michael's Gallery

member since: 5/10/2001

I believe it is Berne, Switzerland too. Looks to be 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon.

11/20/2001 1:25:29 PM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.

That's very cute. I know I'm being a slave driver. And you are very close, by the way.

11/20/2001 1:31:53 PM

Charlie F. Kohn

member since: 11/5/2001

i thought again and find myself at home in st. gallen then. that might be it with the bicoloured roof of the clocktower.

charlie f. kohn

11/20/2001 8:31:31 PM


member since: 2/21/2001

I think Snappy is in Switzerland and the town could be "Murten"(Morat in French)in the canton of Fribourg. If it is not then Murten is a nice little place to vistit anyhow.

11/21/2001 9:29:22 PM


member since: 2/21/2001

Well, on the other hand, if Michael M. is close and it is in or near Berne, could Snappy" be in the township of "Burgdorf"?

11/21/2001 10:52:37 PM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.

Wow - many of you were getting very warm this time. I know it was an especially hard one.

The correct country was Switzerland. That brought many of you into the running. Namely, John S. was first to guess a "Swiss village." Then Bob W., Charlie F. Kohn, Jim D., Michael M., and Celia gave even more specific answers.

The correct village, however, was Zug, a small town between Zurich and Luzern. No one got that right but I'd say that Celia and Charlie came in with a close tie. Zug is right in between Celia's last answer of Burgdorf and Charlie's last answer of St. Gallen (and Stein am Rhein for that matter). Good job, guys.

Thanks for all your great answers! The model, by the way, is Dudo Erny - one of BetterPhoto's supporting advertisers. His site - - is well worth a visit.

I promise the next one won't be so hard :)

12/7/2001 9:48:26 PM

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