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Happy Birthday, Laura
  Happy Birthday, Laura
Happy Birthday, Laura
Getting in early for Laura's birthday in-case we lose power again. Happy 4th. It is so windy here today & Rango is very frightened, mostly keeping her eyes shut. Lens aperture f/3.2, shutter speed 1/40sec, focal length 4mm, ISO 100.
© Chris Ebben
Sony Cybershot DSC...
I tried to look relaxed but...... when you're not, you're not.
© Chris Ebben
Sony Cybershot DSC...
Chris Ebben
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 10/9/2004
    I tried to look relaxed but......

11/3/2013 3:08:52 PM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 10/17/2002

Excellent capture Chris!

11/3/2013 3:39:37 PM

Colette M. Metcalf
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 4/29/2003

How sweet:0)

11/3/2013 3:48:13 PM

Nadia Paul
BetterPhoto Member
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Nadia's Gallery

member since: 8/2/2005

Both are gorgeous Chris - Rango is the perfect model! Happy birthday Laura!

11/4/2013 1:11:56 AM

Kirsten (Kiki) Kjaer
BetterPhoto Member
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Kirsten (Kiki)'s Gallery

member since: 3/18/2006

Rango looks comfortable anyway, but his ears are on hight alert, so it seems.

A beautiful portrait, Chris.
And a wonderful BD card for Laura.

Again: Happy Birthday, dear birthday girl :)

11/4/2013 4:16:50 AM

Wm Nosal
BetterPhoto Member
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Wm's Gallery

member since: 7/25/2007

How Cool Is This, Chris!
Grab A Kitty and Hide Under The Covers
Happy Birthday Laura!

11/4/2013 6:13:40 AM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 2/28/2003

A wonderful card for Luara, Chris! Happy Birthday Sister Swanee!

11/4/2013 11:14:50 AM

Thomas E. Hinds
BetterPhoto Member
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Thomas's Gallery

member since: 12/7/2008

Very fine image of the beautiful Rango! Love the second shot as well. Hope she came out of the wind storm without too much trauma. Happy Birthday to Laura as well.

11/4/2013 5:08:23 PM

Marijana Fajgl
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 6/12/2005

Wonderful captures, Chris, she is a beauty. My cats are also scared of the storms.

11/5/2013 8:51:29 AM

Cindy Bendush
BetterPhoto Member
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Cindy's Gallery

member since: 1/16/2007

That's quite some stretch there! Wonderful BD dedication to Laura!

11/5/2013 2:43:27 PM

Amanda J. Tanner
BetterPhoto Member
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Amanda's Gallery

member since: 11/7/2005

A wonderful dedication Chris. Rango is so beautiful. Nice work!

11/5/2013 3:42:55 PM

Emile Abbott
BetterPhoto Member
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Emile's Gallery

member since: 9/29/2004

Rango really knows how to relax. Nice for Laura's BD.

11/7/2013 7:35:43 AM

Chris Ebben
BetterPhoto Member
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Chris's Gallery

member since: 10/9/2004

Thank you all for the comments. We've had another birthday today, our Grand-dog Ivy was 5, Rango opted out.

11/10/2013 1:38:27 AM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member
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Laura's Gallery

member since: 1/22/2008


I've been sitting here doing the MASS MAIL OUT for our business.

What a darling image of sweet Rango and such a thoughtful dedication, Chris!!!

Please forgive my tardiness!!!

Rango looks like he is pretending to be sleeping...Cats do hate wind don't they? Somehow they settle down however if we humans don't seem as freaked out as they feel like being.

I used to have to hold Lucky during a thunder storm. He'd come right to me and stand tight to my legs until I picked him up. Finally I'd feel his neck muscles relaxing as I'd give him a rubdown. Pookey? NO WAY! He'd squirm away from our arms in a storm. Fangy? He seems rather deaf now so only the vacuum cleaner slightly bothers him these days. He is glad Lucky and Pookey passed away. They were both mean to him. Lol...He was the unwelcome 3rd child to them. Three adult male cats in one home...None taken in as kittens...EEK!

I love the second image here, too.

Thanks again Chris and Rango and Thank You Everyone for your Birthday Wishes for me! I had a great day. Dinner out and a Movie.

We saw "Last Vegas" Very funny movie. The whole theatre laughed LOUDLY more than 5 times!!!

-Sister Laura :D

11/10/2013 3:23:00 PM

Chris Ebben
BetterPhoto Member
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Chris's Gallery

member since: 10/9/2004

All is forgiven, we knew you'd be back sooner or later, after all you were on the Moon & had to get through all that food & drink & finish partying. Your night out at the movies sounded great. Cats certainly have their own ways & it seems there is no use trying to change it.

11/10/2013 6:45:36 PM

Mary K. Robison
BetterPhoto Member
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Mary's Gallery

member since: 6/30/2003

Poor little Rango ~ reacting to the wind that way. But she sure is cute in both photos, Chris. A perfect birthday card from one cat-lover to another.
A belated Happy Birthday to you, Pommers!

11/11/2013 2:13:44 AM

Chris Ebben
BetterPhoto Member
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Chris's Gallery

member since: 10/9/2004

Thanks so much. I had to put her in her travel cage when the hail started, she couldn't work out who was hitting all the windows & I was worried one would break on her. We've only had a mild, short storm today, now it's sunny & warm as you'd expect for this time of year.

11/11/2013 7:58:30 PM

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