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Thank you!

  Thank you!
Thank you!
I have enjoyed "meeting" all of you & learning more about your different parts of the world. Since I don't travel much, your photos & friendships have taken me to places I never would have learned about had I not met you here!

Of course, I also appreciate your sense of humor (or humour as some of you would spell it)! :)

Although I am not renewing my membership on BP at this time, I may be back at a later time and will DEFINITELY look up this club as well as you guys! Thank you, Laura (aka Lala) for taking over the CRC as I know you will keep it fun!


(P.S. This was one of the two female Orangutans at the Memphis Zoo on a recent visit. She was so cute toting her "blankie" around and then covering herself with it!)

© Karen Kessler
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Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/22/2008
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    Kalena, it is a real privilege to walk in your shoes now. (Flippity-Flop, Flippity-Flop...HEY! YOU ARE A LOT TALLER THAN I AM AREN'T YOU!?!?!? - HA!)

I promise to always remember the spirit at which you started this club.

1) No pressure to have to post or show up but I will make the effort because I love being here! Give a laugh, Take a Laugh! Whatever the case!

2) I will leave my posts up for a really really REALLY long time, (like forever), so others can come and laugh at the past and present posts and threads!

3) I wont bring my troubles here, even though I have them.

4) Is there a number 4?

5) I don't remember number 5?

6) Okay if there is a 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, I am not going to make it there.

And last but not least:

11) Love my comedy Sisters and Brothers as thyself. (That one will be easy!)

Please come and visit us until BP wont let you peek in anymore. Then maybe that will be when you should re-join??? :D

This is sure a cute photo. He looks like he is peeking in on us, too!

Love you Sister Karen.
Aloha Always!
-Lala xoxoxo

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7/8/2013 6:55:08 PM

Karen Kessler
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/10/2008

Sounds like I left the club in good hands! :)

Love to you, too, Sis!

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7/8/2013 7:23:11 PM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/22/2008
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7/8/2013 9:57:48 PM

Lydia Williams
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/29/2006
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Sorry I am so late Karen, been without internet and computers....they are home now. You will be missed, try and keep in touch with Sister Laura and best wishes in your new adventures....Love your buddy here! :)

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7/15/2013 3:37:48 PM

Christine Lobsinger
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/28/2008
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Hey Karen,
What a cutie pie! We will miss you -
Yes, please keep in touch!
Smiling Chris

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8/6/2013 2:23:17 PM

Wm Nosal
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/25/2007

Hello Old Friend...Glad To Hear From You Again! :(((( CRC Is Gone!
Laura And I Have A New Club
It "Monkey Tails Adventures World Tour"
It's On Flickr Groups

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2/17/2015 7:01:58 PM

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