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This Is Ivy. The Spirit Of The Vines.
I know, I know...You think maybe I have been
But Really. She Was There! And I Caught Her On Camera!


You Asked For Her To Materialize. So Here She Is.
[From The Ivy League Aged Trees]

* * *

F 2.8, 1/100
Tree Shot In Oregon in 2011
Me Layered In From Oct 2012
Eye Color Changed To Blue Green In

Fractalius Filter On Tree and Ivy - PSE7 Plug In

© Laura E. Swan
Canon PowerShot SD...

Mary K. Robison
BetterPhoto Member
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Mary's Gallery

member since: 6/30/2003
    Pom, I knew your eagle eyes would be able to find a sweet and beautiful nymph emerging from that tree.
And now, with a little help from your friendly fractalius filter, your nimble fingers have given everyone a chance to admire Ivy in all her natural glory!
Wonderful DD work, and thanks so much for the dedication. You've made my night and day!

2/7/2013 2:24:51 AM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laura
Laura's Gallery

member since: 1/22/2008

Lost Brett On The Vine!

Brett Dolsen
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/9/2007 Wonderful DD work and effects Laura!

2/7/2013 2:52:50 AM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laura
Laura's Gallery

member since: 1/22/2008

Hi Mare! HeeHee...I knew Ivy was in there. We just had to coax her out like that last image spoke about! :D Thanks for all the kind and fun things you said. You always make my day and night too as I know you do with so many BPers by being our friend!! :D


Hi Brett! Good to see you and glad I found you on the vine there! Thank you very much!


2/7/2013 2:55:26 AM

Colette M. Metcalf
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Colette
Colette's Gallery

member since: 4/29/2003

Great work here, Laura!!!!

2/7/2013 3:26:02 AM

Gord MacEachern
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Gord
Gord's Gallery

member since: 12/21/2007

Glad Ivy finally showed herself, beautiful eyes and all.

2/7/2013 3:34:17 AM

Bobby Ray Goodman
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bobby
Bobby's Gallery

member since: 3/23/2006

Hi Laura,Beautiful DD work my friend.Wonderful Image.I hope everything is okay and not to cold up north!!!!

2/7/2013 3:48:01 AM

Antonio Amen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Antonio
Antonio's Gallery

member since: 9/15/2005

Excellent work, love it.

2/7/2013 4:08:19 AM

Michelle Alton
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Michelle
Michelle's Gallery

member since: 5/3/2007

I was going to say she looked BRILLIANT in the aqua eye form! You have a winner here, Laura.

2/7/2013 4:44:38 AM

Stephen Zacker
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Stephen
Stephen's Gallery

member since: 6/6/2003

This is really creative and beautiful

2/7/2013 5:26:00 AM

Terry Cervi
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry's Gallery

member since: 2/11/2001

Ivy looks so beautiful and your DD work is exceptional, Lala!!

2/7/2013 5:49:44 AM

Monnie Ryan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Monnie
Monnie's Gallery

member since: 9/25/2008

Fantastic creation, Laura!

2/7/2013 5:59:02 AM

Millieanne A. Talarico
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Millieanne
Millieanne's Gallery

member since: 5/31/2010

Love this work of art, Laura!!

2/7/2013 7:59:05 AM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

Fantastic creative work here Laura! What a brilliant presentation, you really have captured the spirit of the vine!

2/7/2013 10:38:30 AM

Tiia Vissak
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tiia
Tiia's Gallery

member since: 9/1/2007

very original! well done!

2/7/2013 1:07:45 PM

Patrick Rouzes
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Patrick
Patrick's Gallery

member since: 12/26/2006

Only you, Swanee! Agree with all the above- brilliant, creative & artistic work, my friend!
Beautiful dedication to a beautiful lady!

2/7/2013 1:44:36 PM

rony sagy

member since: 1/13/2008

Amazing work, Laura.

2/7/2013 6:59:19 PM

Neal D. Hatcher
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Neal
Neal's Gallery

member since: 4/14/2011

Awesome-Beautiful work

2/7/2013 7:15:01 PM

Irene Colling
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Irene
Irene's Gallery

member since: 1/11/2008

Laura, it appears that you stood too close to tree-man Douglas Perry. ;-)

The clouds, melting walls, flower buds, trees; I never know where you will turn up next.

I'll have to keep my eye out for you the next time I am out shooting.

2/8/2013 7:04:05 PM

Ann Coates
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ann
Ann's Gallery

member since: 8/21/2008

Oh wow Laura, this is simply brilliant. I love what you have done here. I really hope we see this one again.

2/9/2013 2:20:21 PM

Laura L. Gonzales
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laura
Laura's Gallery

member since: 11/20/2005

Just beautiful, as only you can create such a masterpiece!! Hope to see this again my dear sweet Emmy!! :)))

2/9/2013 2:34:43 PM

Julianne Bradford
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Julianne
Julianne's Gallery

member since: 3/11/2009

Wonderful work Laura!

2/9/2013 4:13:31 PM

Ellen Hodges
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ellen
Ellen's Gallery

member since: 6/19/2005

Beautiful Ivy spirit, Laura!!!! Love this fantastic image! Hope all is well, dear friend!!! Surviving the snow storms okay?

2/9/2013 6:33:43 PM

Shelly A. Van Camp
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Shelly
Shelly's Gallery

member since: 2/9/2005

You know I love it!!

2/10/2013 3:20:00 PM

Wm Nosal
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Wm
Wm's Gallery

member since: 7/25/2007

Awesome Image, Laura!
Irene Is Right, Where Is Mr. Tree?

2/10/2013 6:18:57 PM

BetterPhoto Member
Contact JO ANN
JO ANN's Gallery

member since: 3/16/2006

Winner, winner! are the Queen of creating! Excellent..

jo ann c.

2/11/2013 4:35:58 PM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laura
Laura's Gallery

member since: 1/22/2008

Wow! You guys! Thanks so much! :D I'm so flattered!!!

I am very housebound in the winter so I MUST create when I get these bursts of pent up energy. I think I'd better get the wood in the fireplace burning soon to warm up my hands as well.

I'm glad that you all like this one. :D

YAH! Where *IS* Mr. Tree? Good point. I think I might take a walk in the woods again and see if I can find him.

SSSLaura, Lala, Swanee, Miss Rose. etc..!

HeeHee to Irene. Yes. One just never where you might see me again! Keep your eye pealed out there and stay tuned!

2/11/2013 4:42:51 PM

Douglas Perry
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Douglas
Douglas's Gallery

member since: 8/6/2005

Indeed, trees have the power to sooth the spirit as well as their other friends in the forest such the Ivy. A trip there for a sit and a listen will restore and amaze those who will hear. The forest will speak to you of peace and calm.
Great catch Miss Rose. It is not easy to catch the Ivy.

2/12/2013 6:06:39 AM

Kirsten (Kiki) Kjaer
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kirsten (Kiki)
Kirsten (Kiki)'s Gallery

member since: 3/18/2006

I love it so much!!
I'm sure if we look closer we'd see a lot of tree spirits around.

2/12/2013 6:34:31 AM

Laura E. Swan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laura
Laura's Gallery

member since: 1/22/2008

Well, *there* they are. Two more of my most favorite peeps in the world. Mr. Tree and Ms. Wolf!

I am forever grateful for your presence and added words of wisdom and love here on this magical image that captured a spirit in the forest just for us!

I think IVY loves being part of that tree and I know that I love being a part of your lives.

We both thank you today!

-Miss Rose, SSSLala :D

2/12/2013 9:21:26 AM

Emile Abbott
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Emile
Emile's Gallery

member since: 9/29/2004

Love it Laura.

2/12/2013 12:12:07 PM

Carol Flisak
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carol
Carol's Gallery

member since: 11/16/2009

Love it! Terrific creativity and dd work, Laura!

2/12/2013 5:00:17 PM

Tammy Espino
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/29/2007

Gorgeous work!:)

2/12/2013 7:04:12 PM

John Rivera
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/17/2005

Fantastic image and work!

2/13/2013 4:13:51 AM

Reynaldo D. Reyes
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Reynaldo
Reynaldo's Gallery

member since: 10/29/2006

It's such a wonderful dedication for Mary. So glad you're guiding spirit is always there for faithful company. Hey, what ever happened to our dear Lorna?

2/13/2013 2:05:37 PM

Amanda J. Tanner
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Amanda
Amanda's Gallery

member since: 11/7/2005

Very creative and beautiful!

2/17/2013 8:33:09 PM

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