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Canon EF24-105mmL, F14. ISO1250, 1/400
© Terry Cervi
Canon EOS 5D Mark ...
Bobby Ray Goodman
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bobby
Bobby's Gallery

member since: 3/23/2006
    Hi Terry,WOW!!I bet that's a cold ride.Beautiful capture my friend.Try to stay warm and dry!!!

1/8/2013 1:08:14 PM

Colette M. Metcalf
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Colette
Colette's Gallery

member since: 4/29/2003


1/8/2013 1:15:18 PM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tammy
Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Beautiful sky and I like the black buggy and horse against the snow. Great capture, Terry.

1/8/2013 1:16:09 PM

Katherine Kuhn
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Katherine
Katherine's Gallery

member since: 6/6/2005

Love the old-time silhouette against that gorgeous sky! Looks very cold!

1/8/2013 2:12:40 PM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeff
Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

Outstanding in every way Terry!

1/8/2013 2:29:25 PM

Bonnie C. Lackey
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bonnie
Bonnie's Gallery

member since: 1/1/2004

One of the best silhouettes I've seen...certainly a story is being told. Really nice, Terry!

1/8/2013 2:47:40 PM

Mary Beth Aiello
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Mary Beth
Mary Beth's Gallery

member since: 12/19/2006

Straight into my faves, Terry. Masterfully captured.

1/8/2013 3:04:02 PM

Emile Abbott
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Emile
Emile's Gallery

member since: 9/29/2004

Stunning silhouette and sky Terry.

1/8/2013 3:08:28 PM

Wm Nosal
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Wm
Wm's Gallery

member since: 7/25/2007

Outstanding Capture Terry!

1/8/2013 3:47:30 PM

Claudia Kuhn
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Claudia
Claudia's Gallery

member since: 3/14/2003

Wow! Love this Terry!

1/8/2013 4:39:20 PM

Linda S. Smith
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Linda
Linda's Gallery

member since: 3/14/2011

Beautiful capture Terry! Love the colors on this one too!

1/8/2013 4:50:18 PM

Mary  L. Olson
Contact Mary
Mary 's Gallery

member since: 2/6/2006

Wonderful color and silhouette, Terry! This is SO nice!!

1/8/2013 5:05:26 PM

Leslie McLain
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Leslie
Leslie's Gallery

member since: 5/7/2007

Beautiful capture and colors, Terry.

1/8/2013 5:10:10 PM

Marcel J. Fernandez
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/16/2005

I don't know of any photographer that is doing better work than you are. You are at the top of your game, Terry.

1/8/2013 5:29:52 PM

Connie J. Bagot
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Connie
Connie's Gallery

member since: 5/6/2005

Lovely sky and snow...and I totally love the silhouettes!

1/8/2013 5:31:00 PM

Carol L. Fowler
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carol
Carol's Gallery

member since: 10/7/2008

Gorgeous work- a winner indeed!

1/8/2013 5:38:57 PM

Ann Coates
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ann
Ann's Gallery

member since: 8/21/2008

Oh wow. As soon as I saw this I thought winner, I hope the judges agree. Doesn't get any better than this.

1/8/2013 6:05:30 PM

Liz Bullock
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Liz
Liz's Gallery

member since: 6/9/2006

Just beautiful!

1/8/2013 7:27:00 PM

Marilyn K. Lincecum
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Marilyn
Marilyn's Gallery

member since: 2/21/2004

Beautifully seen and captured. Although I don't think I would care to travel that makes for a great picture. Wonderful colors.

1/8/2013 7:38:29 PM

Craig D. Minton
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/7/2010

What a great scene, Terry! The stark silhouettes and the soft sky really accentuate the sense of cold. Very nice.

1/8/2013 8:26:58 PM

Jeffrey R. Bange
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeffrey
Jeffrey's Gallery

member since: 4/24/2002

Beautiful find and capture Terry, to me this has winner written all over it and I'm sure we will be seeing this one again real soon.

1/8/2013 9:02:34 PM

Barbara Waldoch
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Barbara
Barbara's Gallery

member since: 3/24/2006

This is great, Terry!

1/8/2013 10:34:37 PM

Nadia Paul
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Nadia
Nadia's Gallery

member since: 8/2/2005

How beautiful this is Terry! You are certainly in the running for gold my friend!

1/8/2013 11:52:24 PM

Renee Doyle
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Renee
Renee's Gallery

member since: 1/16/2005

This is stunning Terry!!!

1/9/2013 12:31:53 AM

Stefania Barbier
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Stefania
Stefania's Gallery

member since: 9/1/2006


1/9/2013 1:33:50 AM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn 's Gallery

member since: 10/6/2001

Outstanding!! Winner!!

1/9/2013 2:43:07 AM

Stephen Zacker
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Stephen
Stephen's Gallery

member since: 6/6/2003

This is awesome!

1/9/2013 5:03:46 AM

Karen Slagle
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Karen
Karen's Gallery

member since: 4/1/2005

Wow Terry, this is a beauty...LOVE the horse and buggy going thru the snow...Looks like a winner to me.

1/9/2013 5:57:19 AM

David K. Hurt
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/20/2011

Winner, right into Fav's

1/9/2013 11:12:17 AM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

You have excelled yourself with this one Terry! What a brilliant story telling image, classic work my friend!

1/9/2013 11:49:58 AM

Nancy L. Green
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Nancy
Nancy's Gallery

member since: 4/16/2006

VERY well composed and captured Terry, we don't come across such scenes here in Texas, VERY well done!! <><

1/9/2013 2:04:23 PM

Julianne Bradford
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Julianne
Julianne's Gallery

member since: 3/11/2009

What a terrific capture Terry!

1/9/2013 3:56:33 PM

Tammy Espino
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/29/2007

That would be so fun, great capture!!:)

1/9/2013 5:22:15 PM

Tammy Espino
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/29/2007

That would be so fun, great capture!!:)

1/9/2013 5:22:15 PM

Lana Arcemont
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lana
Lana's Gallery

member since: 11/4/2001

Stunning Capture! Hope to see this one again!

1/9/2013 5:44:50 PM

Rona L. Schwarz
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Rona
Rona's Gallery

member since: 6/25/2009

WOW! To say this is marvelous is an understatement, Terry! Love the soft glow of the sky, and the fabulous silhouette of the horse and buggy in the snow. Beautiful story-telling image...sure to be a winner!

1/9/2013 8:16:55 PM

Ellen Hodges
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ellen
Ellen's Gallery

member since: 6/19/2005

Absolutely stunning, Terry! Huge WOW!! Marcel knows what he is talking about!!!

1/9/2013 8:29:58 PM

Heather Loewenhardt
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Heather
Heather's Gallery

member since: 10/2/2007

Fabulous contrast and POV in this image Terry.

1/10/2013 12:22:52 AM

Doug Pignet
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Doug
Doug's Gallery

member since: 1/6/2008

what a wonderful capture...we'll be seeing this one again...well done

1/10/2013 6:51:25 AM

Anita N. Hogue
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Anita
Anita's Gallery

member since: 5/30/2004

WOW, this is absolutely awesome!

1/10/2013 4:31:49 PM

Carol L. Quina
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carol
Carol's Gallery

member since: 1/26/2012

Beautiful! I'm loving these winter scenes of yours!

1/10/2013 7:21:11 PM

Mary Dimitriw
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Mary
Mary's Gallery

member since: 8/17/2005

Wow, outstanding image Terry!! You always seem to be at the right place at the right time.

1/11/2013 3:52:37 AM

Neal D. Hatcher
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Neal
Neal's Gallery

member since: 4/14/2011


1/11/2013 6:37:41 AM

Sabrina Ryan
Contact Sabrina
Sabrina's Gallery

member since: 4/22/2014

Beautiful image, Terry!

1/11/2013 7:05:32 AM

Lindley Johnson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lindley
Lindley's Gallery

member since: 8/18/2004

Gorgeous!! Wonderful color in the sunset, and the silhouette is fantastic. Love this image, Terry.

1/12/2013 3:07:53 PM

Deborah C. Lewinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Deborah
Deborah's Gallery

member since: 12/25/2003

An immediate fave, Terry!

Stunning image!

1/13/2013 4:39:12 PM

Thomas E. Hinds
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Thomas
Thomas's Gallery

member since: 12/7/2008

Very beautiful work, Terry! Love the light and color surrounding that carriage and horses! Wow!

1/13/2013 9:25:44 PM

BetterPhoto Member
PATRICIA's Gallery

member since: 12/24/2004

Oh Terry...this is gorgeous

1/16/2013 7:33:18 AM

Lisa J. Boulden
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lisa
Lisa's Gallery

member since: 12/2/2006

Outstanding, Terry!!!
Dingdingding! Winner!!
(in my humble opinion, anyhow :) )

1/18/2013 9:14:55 AM

Phyllis Burchett
Contact Phyllis
Phyllis's Gallery

member since: 11/29/2003

Fabulous shot Terry, love the sky AND the snow!!!

1/22/2013 5:46:08 PM

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