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Happy New Year!
  Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
And happy TKW Day, too :)
A very rare self-portrait for all my friends at BetterPhoto
Category: People

© Nikki McDonald
Sony Alpha A350 Di...
Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
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Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002
    An Outstanding SP Nikki - Happy New Year!

1/1/2013 5:22:53 AM

Michelle Alton
BetterPhoto Member
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Michelle's Gallery

member since: 5/3/2007

And it's a beautiful one at THAT! Thanks for sharing and for the toast. I hope you enjoyed it!

1/1/2013 5:26:37 AM

Nancy Marie Ricketts
BetterPhoto Member
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Nancy Marie's Gallery

member since: 10/27/2010

Happy New Year to you, my Friend! I find it hard to do self portraits, but this is very well done of a beautiful woman, both inside and out!

1/1/2013 5:33:18 AM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
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Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Beautiful SP. Happy New Year!

1/1/2013 5:44:43 AM

Anita N. Hogue
BetterPhoto Member
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Anita's Gallery

member since: 5/30/2004

A stunning self portrait! Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

1/1/2013 5:51:39 AM

Shirley Sicurello
BetterPhoto Member
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Shirley's Gallery

member since: 2/2/2007

Back at you! Happy New Year, Nikki!

1/1/2013 5:58:35 AM

Joannie M. Bertucci
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Joannie
Joannie's Gallery

member since: 2/17/2003

Nikki, you have the warmest eyes! You've done a fabulous job on your self portrait and cheers to you, may 2013 be everything you hope it is! As my dad would say, I wish you enough! :-)

1/1/2013 6:10:01 AM

David Phalen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact David
David's Gallery

member since: 12/12/2004

Lookin good!!

Happy New Year to you and Dave!!

1/1/2013 6:11:46 AM

Joy Rector
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Joy
Joy's Gallery

member since: 6/26/2002

excellent shot, glad to meet you and happy new year to you too

1/1/2013 6:21:56 AM

Claudia Kuhn
BetterPhoto Member
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Claudia's Gallery

member since: 3/14/2003

Happy New Year Nikki! Cheers, great SP

1/1/2013 6:23:14 AM

Leslie J. Morris
BetterPhoto Member
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Leslie's Gallery

member since: 4/30/2007

What a great idea Nikki! Happy New Year and so glad to see you.

1/1/2013 7:15:01 AM

Susan Williams
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Susan
Susan's Gallery

member since: 6/11/2004

A very nice self-portrait showing natural beauty and warmth. Unpretentious. I see the photographer, the teacher, the mentor, the daughter, the sister, the wife, the mother, the grandmother, the friend, and the neighbor. I especially like that the eyes match the smile. Nice work, Nikki.

1/1/2013 8:28:15 AM

Gayle Johnson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Gayle
Gayle's Gallery

member since: 10/23/2008

Glad to meet you sorta in person. Great photo. Cheers to you!

1/1/2013 8:41:04 AM

Martha R. Mazon
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Martha
Martha's Gallery

member since: 4/6/2008

Happy New Year, Nikki! Nice to see you!

1/1/2013 8:47:27 AM

Mitch Spence
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Mitch
Mitch's Gallery

member since: 3/16/2004

Oh, my, look at you. A lovely self portrait indeed. I don't think I'm brave enough for that today. Maybe tomorrow. :) I'll raise a glass with you for the new year though.

1/1/2013 9:34:32 AM

Marijana Fajgl
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Marijana
Marijana's Gallery

member since: 6/12/2005

Fantastic self portrait, Nikki! Best wishes!

1/1/2013 10:18:13 AM

Melinda F. Schneider
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Melinda
Melinda's Gallery

member since: 8/14/2007

Thank you, Nikki, for sharing yourself with us. A beautiful portrait of a woman so giving and caring. Love you, Nikki!

1/1/2013 10:33:39 AM

Monnie Ryan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Monnie
Monnie's Gallery

member since: 9/25/2008

And a beautiful portrait it is! I'm toasting you as we speak with the glass of wine next to my computer. Happy New Year!

1/1/2013 11:18:50 AM

Sherran Andersen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Sherran
Sherran's Gallery

member since: 3/26/2007

You did a great job on your self portrait! Happy New Year to you and yours.

1/1/2013 11:26:38 AM

Carol L. Quina
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carol
Carol's Gallery

member since: 1/26/2012

Beautiful! Happy New Year!

1/1/2013 11:48:14 AM

BetterPhoto Member
MELODIE's Gallery

member since: 2/20/2007

Cheers to you My Friend!!

A fabulous self portrait!!

Happy New Year and T~K~W Day to you!!!!

1/1/2013 12:56:43 PM

Usman Bajwa
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Usman
Usman's Gallery

member since: 4/11/2006

All of the above, Nikki. Happy New Year to you too!


1/1/2013 9:01:36 PM

Christopher J. Budny
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/3/2005

Very well done, Nikki! Happy New Year!

1/2/2013 4:49:49 AM

Amanda J. Tanner
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Amanda
Amanda's Gallery

member since: 11/7/2005

An extra special sp Nikki!
Happy New Year!

1/2/2013 10:56:53 AM

Maria Coulson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/10/2006

Nikki, this is outstanding, very well done!!
Happy New Year to you too.

1/2/2013 9:36:13 PM

Lucille "Lucy" Abrao
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lucille "Lucy"
Lucille "Lucy"'s Gallery

member since: 2/2/2009

Very nice SP, Nikki. Happy New Year!

1/3/2013 3:17:46 PM

Thomas E. Hinds
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Thomas
Thomas's Gallery

member since: 12/7/2008

Wonderful self portrait, Nikki! Hope you have a great year this year.

1/3/2013 5:11:11 PM

Lindley Johnson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Lindley
Lindley's Gallery

member since: 8/18/2004

A wonderful self-portrait, Nikki - Happy New Year to you, too!

1/5/2013 7:26:49 AM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ken
Ken's Gallery

member since: 6/11/2005

Good job on this, Nikki! I hope you and Dave had a great holiday season!!

1/6/2013 6:34:34 AM

Terry Cervi
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry's Gallery

member since: 2/11/2001

Happy New Year to you, Nikki! What a beautiful self-portrait!

1/9/2013 6:03:32 AM

Susan M. Hembree
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Susan
Susan's Gallery

member since: 7/18/2006

You look beautiful, Nikki! Nice work!

1/31/2013 11:38:21 PM

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