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African Daisy
  African Daisy
African Daisy
© Tammy M. Anderson
Canon Rebel T3i EO...
Jack Gaskin
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/2/2007
How about seeding me a few for Sue's Garden. I'm doing ALL VEGGIES THIS YEAR...


4/7/2012 4:20:58 AM

Tiia Vissak
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tiia
Tiia's Gallery

member since: 9/1/2007

great tones, details & dof!

4/7/2012 4:30:42 AM

Jeff W. Robinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jeff
Jeff's Gallery

member since: 10/17/2002

Wow - Beautifully captured Tammy! Outstanding color and detail!

4/7/2012 4:37:54 AM

Neal D. Hatcher
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Neal
Neal's Gallery

member since: 4/14/2011

Beautiful-Super,color,crystal sharp detail,,perfectly centered in the frame.

4/7/2012 4:49:33 AM

Marilyn Cornwell
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Marilyn
Marilyn's Gallery

member since: 5/7/2008

The details are wonderful, Tammy!

4/7/2012 5:00:52 AM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn 's Gallery

member since: 10/6/2001

Gorgeous and perfect!

4/7/2012 5:07:40 AM

Antonio Amen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Antonio
Antonio's Gallery

member since: 9/15/2005


4/7/2012 5:48:12 AM

Bojan Bencic
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bojan
Bojan's Gallery

member since: 5/29/2005

Amazing details, Tammy. Love the dark center.

4/7/2012 6:04:06 AM

Jean-Pierre Ducondi
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre's Gallery

member since: 10/15/2007

Perfect. Fantastic work Tammy.

4/7/2012 6:15:08 AM

Bobby Ray Goodman
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bobby
Bobby's Gallery

member since: 3/23/2006

Hi Tammy,WOW!!That's a winner a my friend.Beautiful color,lighting and detail!!!

4/7/2012 8:38:39 AM

David Phalen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact David
David's Gallery

member since: 12/12/2004

Amazing colors, tones and details!! Beautiful!!

4/7/2012 10:01:18 AM

frank w. degenhardt
BetterPhoto Member
Contact frank
frank's Gallery

member since: 6/28/2007

Such beauty. The way you framed it, the dead center of the heart of the flower. Stunning finish on the picture, love the incredible texture, the colors are so captivating, over the top work of art my friend.

4/7/2012 12:04:19 PM

Marijana Fajgl
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Marijana
Marijana's Gallery

member since: 6/12/2005

Outstanding capture, Tammy! Fantastic colours and details!

4/7/2012 12:16:13 PM

Kirsten (Kiki) Kjaer
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kirsten (Kiki)
Kirsten (Kiki)'s Gallery

member since: 3/18/2006

Sensational, Tammy!!

4/7/2012 1:14:50 PM

Mike Clime
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/4/2007

Beautiful full frame macro and love the color, Tammy!

4/7/2012 1:24:22 PM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

A beautiful flower and capture Tammy! This is one of the few flowers that I can grow in my garden the rabbits won't eat!

4/7/2012 2:02:58 PM

Nancy L. Green
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Nancy
Nancy's Gallery

member since: 4/16/2006

GORGEOUS floral my friend, WONDERFUL colors, lighting and clarity, WTG!!! <><

4/7/2012 2:46:11 PM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Beautiful flower. Love the colors.

4/7/2012 3:10:17 PM

Stephen Zacker
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Stephen
Stephen's Gallery

member since: 6/6/2003

Strking. Pops off the screen

4/7/2012 3:13:41 PM

Carol L. Fowler
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carol
Carol's Gallery

member since: 10/7/2008

Gorgeous eye-popping color and great detail

4/7/2012 4:03:02 PM

Monnie Ryan
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Monnie
Monnie's Gallery

member since: 9/25/2008

Wow - this is fabulous, Tammy!

4/7/2012 5:18:22 PM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tammy
Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Thanks so much Guys.

4/7/2012 5:22:40 PM

Anthony G. Comella
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/8/2007

Wow this is beautiful!!!

4/7/2012 6:47:13 PM

Thomas E. Hinds
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Thomas
Thomas's Gallery

member since: 12/7/2008

Another perfectly photographed flower! Beautiful capture, Tammy!

4/7/2012 6:57:02 PM

Douglas Perry
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Douglas
Douglas's Gallery

member since: 8/6/2005

This is a WOW!

4/7/2012 7:16:28 PM

Avril Young
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Avril
Avril's Gallery

member since: 4/25/2007

it is stunning, my favourite colour too...the petals must feel like velvet!

4/7/2012 7:30:34 PM

Terry Cervi
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry's Gallery

member since: 2/11/2001

This is a new one on me, Tammy. What a beauty!!

4/7/2012 7:33:58 PM

Ellen Hodges
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ellen
Ellen's Gallery

member since: 6/19/2005

Very, very huge WOW, Tammy!! Just gorgeous!!!

4/7/2012 8:10:57 PM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tammy
Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Thanks Anthony, Tom, Doug, Avril, Terry and Ellen.

4/8/2012 4:39:11 AM

Debbie Bray
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Debbie
Debbie's Gallery

member since: 7/17/2011

Love that whole little world happening there right in the centre, Tammy! Love the detail in it.

4/8/2012 2:56:38 PM

Tammy Espino
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/29/2007

Beautiful colors and capture! My favorite kind of daisy~

4/9/2012 7:00:29 PM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tammy
Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Thanks Debbie and Tammy.

4/9/2012 7:03:49 PM

Heather Loewenhardt
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Heather
Heather's Gallery

member since: 10/2/2007

Breathtakingly beautiful. The colour and detail are stunning.

4/10/2012 9:29:12 PM

BetterPhoto Member
Contact JO ANN
JO ANN's Gallery

member since: 3/16/2006

Sooo pretty, a fave for me for sure!

jo ann c.

4/16/2012 7:26:05 PM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Tammy
Tammy's Gallery

member since: 8/13/2007

Thanks Heather and Jo Ann.

4/17/2012 2:53:23 AM

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