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No Way In Hell
  No Way In Hell
No Way In Hell
That's what my wife said after taking one look at this road located in Canyonlands, Utah!

Have a Great Day
© Denny E. Barnes
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Renee Doyle
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 1/16/2005
    LOL - It sure is one dicey looking road!! Beautifully captured Denny!!

4/18/2011 12:44:09 AM

Michelle Alton
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 5/3/2007


Makes me queasy, Denny.

4/18/2011 2:45:56 AM

Ray Thoms
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 10/26/2005

Just the place to be is a great looking place!!!

4/18/2011 4:13:30 AM

Jack Gaskin
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/2/2007

WELL YES I would w/little brother driving and me screaming at him to WATCH THE ROAD while I shot like crazy. All the while probably soiling myself..

Just about Anything for ""THAT SHOT""

Happy Shooting

4/18/2011 4:58:07 AM

Monnie Ryan
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 9/25/2008

LOL! Once upon a time, I'd have been the one yelling, hey, let's go! You sure got a fabulous scene from this side of the road, though - outstanding!

4/18/2011 5:11:43 AM

Amy M. Wilson
BetterPhoto Member
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Amy's Gallery

member since: 4/1/2008

Too funny..... great capture, details and title, Denny!!

4/18/2011 5:21:07 AM

Jack Ryan
BetterPhoto Member
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Jack's Gallery

member since: 1/11/2009

Smart woman, your wife!!! Still...a photo op like this doesn't come along all that often. Great view...great photo.

4/18/2011 5:54:46 AM

Bobby Ray Goodman
BetterPhoto Member
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Bobby's Gallery

member since: 3/23/2006

LOL!!Denny,So I guess a hike now the Grand Canyon is out the question.Outstanding capture my friend,Beauiful Canyonland.Another hot one here,96 degrees and to much sunshine!!!

4/18/2011 6:16:08 AM

Ann H. Belus
BetterPhoto Member
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Ann's Gallery

member since: 2/5/2002

Absolutely gorgeous capture of this magnificent scene, Denny!

4/18/2011 6:59:06 AM

Tammy Espino
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/29/2007

Tell her do what I do, sit on the car floor and don't look out the window..LOL I Panic at roads like that!! :)

4/18/2011 12:00:02 PM

Mike Clime
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/4/2007

Beautiful capture, details, textures and light, Denny! Been on a lot worse roads than that one.

4/18/2011 1:05:24 PM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
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John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

AH! My kind of country, Denny! I couldn't get on that road quick enough, it reminds me of a couple of tracks I know in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney!

4/18/2011 2:07:16 PM

Ron McEwan
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/3/2008

LOL, I sure wanted to, but the wife said no way. And that was after she stood up on the window arch.

4/18/2011 5:06:28 PM

Denny E. Barnes
BetterPhoto Member
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Denny's Gallery

member since: 1/19/2008

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! I really do appreciate them!!

4/19/2011 10:53:43 AM

Patricia A. Coblentz
BetterPhoto Member
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Patricia's Gallery

member since: 7/6/2008

Wow..what a capture, Denny!! That road does look appealing, though, albeit a little scary because who knows what is around the curve...and how do you turn the car around!!??

4/20/2011 11:07:43 AM

Kerry Hill
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/5/2008

Wow that's just beautiful Denny, awesome work! Love the title!

4/20/2011 12:27:28 PM

Denny E. Barnes
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Denny
Denny's Gallery

member since: 1/19/2008

Thank you ever so much Patti and Kerry!

4/20/2011 10:24:54 PM

Ellen Hodges
BetterPhoto Member
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Ellen's Gallery

member since: 6/19/2005

Could see her point on this awesome and beautiful road, Denny!!! Just a gorgeous view though!!

4/22/2011 6:17:08 AM

Marty Straub
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/18/2008

She's right, Denny. That's not the way into hell, but it IS a helluva way into the canyons. A wonderful photo of place, including the roadway, but I'd rather walk.

4/25/2011 10:53:35 AM

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