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Honey I'm Home #2

  Honey I'm Home #2
Honey I'm Home #2
This is another of several star trail shots taken outside my house. I think this is the most dynamic. You can compare by looking at my site. Anybody agree or disagree? Thanks.
© Arthur Rosch
Canon EOS 10D Digi...
Carol Brill
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/24/2003
    This shot has an energy about it that sets it apart from #1, Art. The star trails are more dramatic and fill the sky with some mesmerizing curves!

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4/11/2004 11:17:16 PM

Kristen McKain
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/16/2003

nice image, Art!

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4/12/2004 3:47:43 AM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/6/2001
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This is da bomb!!! And might I say what a great house you have!!!!! Love this!

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4/12/2004 4:40:03 AM

Nicole Boenig-McGrade  

Hi Art! Brilliant! What a perfect night, house, surroundings. May I ask how you achieved this effect on the photo?

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4/12/2004 5:36:33 AM

Arthur Rosch  

This is done by using the remote timer switch on the Canon 10D. I set it to take 16 shots, each six minutes long, no more than one second apart. The shots can then be stacked with software (in Pshop, I use the Lighten blending mode), thus accumulating the sum of all the shots since the foreground hasn't changed at all. It's just as simple as it sounds!

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4/12/2004 9:18:42 AM

Nicole Boenig-McGrade  

Hi Art, thank you very much!!! What a great effect! Kind regards, Nicole, West Australia

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4/13/2004 2:04:31 AM

dev gregory  

Hello Art, am I reading your thread correctly? How can one get the lights of your home to not come out Over Exposed, with a 6 minute exposure? Also, I thought al you could get out of most DSLR cameras was a 30 second exposure? Still not clear how you acheived this photo? I understand having to layer the 16 shots to give you the combined movment of the stars over a 96 minute passage of time, IT seems that you would still have to take a half to 2 second exposure to get the amount of lighting that is displayed from the lights of your house?

Luuv your work, Thank You, dev

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5/12/2004 12:19:12 AM

Arthur Rosch  

dev, you can get way more than 30 seconds
from a DSLR. five, six, eight minutes,
that's routine. I've taken forty five
minute shots with acceptable noise.
It depends somewhat on ambient temperature, the colder the better. But
fifty, sixty degrees is no big deal.
DSLRS are clean! up to ISO 400 even
at very long exposure.
The house lighting was carefully turned
on and off for ten or twenty seconds
at a time (it will accumulate over all
16 exposures!) and there was a fishtank
bulb left on. This formula took quite
a few nights to discover. BTW..
if you're near a copy of eDigital Photo
magazine's June issue, my photo is
on the cover and I've written the feature story.


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5/12/2004 9:50:55 AM

dev gregory  

I truly am in awe of what Pros like yourself are able to discover as well as have learned about the chemistry and effects from lenses and settings on cameras. I just began shooting as a hobby in November and would luuv to send you some shots that I consider pretty good in my local area in South Orange County CA / San Clemente and Dana Point. Are you familiar with this region. I will be looking for the June issue next time I am at the book store, CONGRATULATIONS-!!! That's got to Feel Great. If you are interested in seeing some low res files / 100K, my e address is, dev

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5/13/2004 6:00:44 PM

Nicole Boenig-McGrade  

Congratulations Art!!! I thought we'd be seeing this one again. Good luck in the finals my friend.

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5/13/2004 7:09:23 PM

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