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Hang Glider above Crinkle Crags Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner
Hang Glider above Crinkle Crags
Hang Glider above Crinkle Crags
Digital montage from two seperate photos, both taken while I had my feet firmly on the ground!
© Vincent Lowe
Guy D. Biechele
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/15/2000
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    Very dramatic! The perspective that you have created gives one the feeling that you were following in another glider. +Guy

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10/5/2001 10:26:42 PM

Vincent Lowe  

Thanks Guy. The mountain shot was from the summit of Bowfell in the English Lake District - another photo from this day here..
The glider was taken from a cliff edge on the Pennines when the valley below was filled with fog so I got a clear background which made it easy to isolate, but I had to re-draw the wire rigging by hand.

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10/6/2001 3:33:51 AM

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/7/2001
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WOW!!! You've done an excellent job here. Congratulations!


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10/6/2001 7:04:57 PM

Vincent Lowe  

Thanks Shirley!


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10/7/2001 3:42:57 AM

bob garas

nicely done...powerfull... .
great image

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10/7/2001 10:08:47 AM

Robert L. Bradshaw  

I think this is a very dramatic shot! But I was very disapointed to find out that it was a digital montage! Expert technique with Photoshop, it looks very believable, which I feel makes it very misleading. It also discredits other photographers who are resourceful enough to get shots like this (this shot is totally doable with straight photography). I do have to acknowledge that it was labeled as a digital montage and not just done on the sly, which I do believe is out and out wrong.

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10/12/2001 4:49:50 PM

Vincent Lowe  

Thanks for your comments Robert and sorry you were disappointed! I certainly didn't set out to mislead or discredit anyone - that's why I made sure it was labeled as a digital montage. The image wasn't planned - the two images were taken several years apart and one day when I was re-visiting my old slides it occured to me that putting these two together might turn two very mediocre shots into something more interesting. I would dipute that the shot is 'totally doable' with straight photography though - I don't know much about hang gliding but I suspect they don't often jump off a 3000 foot mountain top into thick cloud without being able to see where to land!

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10/12/2001 8:24:26 PM


Vincent. . . EXCELLENT ! ! ! By combining these 2 pictures you are taking the next step. Manipulating photographs is something that will be argued for a long time, but it's an Art Form thats here to stay.

Good Luck,

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10/26/2001 12:41:09 AM

Steve Pinzon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/24/2007

Very powerful, dramatic,and exciting image. Great thinking to combine the two and have a visual concept come together so well.
I hope you do more of these, this is outstanding!

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3/9/2009 10:18:54 AM

Hernan Vanegas
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2004
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Amazing picture, congrats.

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8/14/2014 3:06:05 PM

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