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- Jill Odice

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Monthly themes vs regular categories?

When entering an image in the contest, if there is a monthly contest theme as opposed to the regular theme ( example Travel and Place/ Stone) and I want to enter a Travel and Place image, will it be ignored if it isn't "Stone"? Does a "Stone" image have more of a chance of winning then a straight on "Travel and Place" image does?

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May 03, 2019 - Tammy M. Anderson

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  Jill, I guess Jim really needs to answer this question but will post my thoughts. I would think the nonthemed image in a theme category would be considered but not a highly as a themed. I was hoping the Nature and Landscape theme would not be themed again this month. I am sure I will get some negative feed back with this but would love to see BP contest go back to one image a day in the contest. To make it be more like a contest again. Some people are putting in 300 images a month vs others 30 a month. I know we all can all do 10 a day if we want too but alot of us don't have the time to do photograph that often. Just my thoughts.

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May 04, 2019

- Lindley Johnson

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  Jill, in thinking back over the last few months' themed categories I believe that the winners are chosen from images that incorporate the theme. So I wouldn't enter a non-stone image to Travel/Place this month. You can save it for a non-theme Travel/Place month, or a month where it fits a certain theme, or Catch-All. As for the issue you raised, Tammy, the number of images submitted by an individual doesn't bother me so much. If someone is submitting multiple images a day I don't think the quality will be as high as someone who is selecting their best to submit. Just my opinion, of course.

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May 04, 2019 - Rita Jane Smith

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  Jill, Tammy and Lindley,
My question is, is Jim the only one going through the photo's?
I wonder why we can't do both, I'm a bit limited to to health problems, but I do shoot Nature and Landscape when I am able to get out. I can't however travel to get the awesome shot's most of the photographers get. So with that said, if Jim isn't the only one going through the large amount of photos, why not shoot the theme as well as regular say, Nature and Landscape and judge them both....
In the beginning, I thought it was a good idea to have the themed photo competition, but I just get so frustrated because I am not about to get a lot of the themed photos...

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May 09, 2019 - Errick L. Cameron

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  I believe that this is why Jim has been keeping the Catch - All category in the contest. I also enter many landscape that don't match the theme as well and then use Catch All. I also have entered people photos this month that don't match the Game category so I have gone to different categories.

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May 10, 2019

- Martha R. Mazon

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  The themes are sub-categories. They are not optional. Here's an excerpt from the original email when Jim announced that all the categories would be themed, emphasis added with asterisks:
Each month, every single category will be a new twist on an old theme. Instead of just one "monthly theme", they will ALL be themed.
In general, most categories will have an overarching definition similar to what we've done in the past... nature/landscape, animals/wildlife, people, etc.
The first category, for example, will still be based on NATURE and LANDSCAPES but I will be asking for a ****specific kind of nature/landscape photo**** such as "Majestic Mountains".

Since half the members liked the category change, and half did not, Jim later decided to make only half of the categories themed each month, on a randomly rotated basis. As was noted, he also now keeps a permanent Catch-All category for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

From what I can tell, the judging has closely followed a literal interpretation of the themes.

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May 11, 2019 - Rita Jane Smith

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  Thank you Martha, I missed that.... Ya’all have a great day......

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May 11, 2019

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