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Photographing black dogs

I have a black dog and often you cannot make out his facial features - it just looks like a furry thing without a face. The dog really has expressive eyes. Most of the photos I take of him are candid, like when he is doing something cute! Sometimes he will pose. He is used to having his champion photos taken after he wins at a dog show. What can I do? I use a Pentax K 1000 and a Canon Sure Shot Zoom 60, mostly the later for daily fun stuff.
Thanks, Jerri

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Gabriel    I have a Rottie and for the most part he is black. Every picture I have taken of the dog is excellent. The key for me is a shiny coat, natural or artificial light shining on dog. This helps bring out the grooves of the dog. I like to have the sun in front of my dog - this helps bring out the detail. One time I used reflected light of a lake. They came out great!
Good luck and shine up that doggy.

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  Just meter the dog up close and the meter will automatically give you an exposure that will set your dog's "complexion" to the equivalent of middle gray. This should allow you to capture the dog's expression without any problem.


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