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How to shoot dancers without a flash

How do I shoot pictures of my daughters while they are dancing when I am not allowed to use a flash. I have a Minolta Maxum Q5.

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5/4/2004 2:15:43 PM

Jon Close
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  Without flash then you need fast film (800 or 1600 ISO) and/or a large aperture lens (smaller f-number, like 50mm f/1.8).

Color print film is somewhat forgiving of under/overexposure, so you might try setting the ISO manually one stop higher (set 1600 for 800 film, 3200 for 1600 film) to get shutter speeds fast enough to stop motion.

Additionally, when you expose a roll of film at a higher ISO rating you can also ask to have it "push" processed. Push processing means leaving the film in the developing chemicals longer (~30 seconds per stop for C-41 films) in order to better bring up the latent image. This is an extra cost custom development technique and not all labs will do it. Also be careful as some unknowledgable or unscrupulous operators will tell you "yeah, we do that", charge you extra, then just develop normally.

Not all print films can be push processed successfully. While I've read others happy with pushing Fuji films, Fuji makes not official recommendation. Kodak recommends it only for a couple of their professional films (Portra 800, Ultra Color 400UC), and their C-41 process black & white films.

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5/4/2004 2:55:03 PM

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