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Dust orbs in night photography

I have an Olympus 4000C Zoom digital camera. When taking photos at night, I encounter all kinds of 'odd' artifacts. Most prevalent are round 'orbs' or balls, transculent or solid colored. Also encountered are different kinds of 'mist', among other things. I understand that dust, pollen, etc can cause these 'orbs', but can find no explanation for the 'mists', as they vary and occur on dry nights and warm nights, so breathe is not a concern. One of my questions is how fast the shutter speed is when the flash is activated, when using 'automatic' or in my case, the "P" setting. Another question involves the dust problem. This isn't a case of 'stuck pixels'...these are definite round balls in the picture. I'll upload some specific images illustrating my problems. Many times the orbs will appear without any manipulation of the picture. When I lighten the picture with a gamma filter, many more appear. Thanks in advance for your help.

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5/3/2004 7:31:58 AM

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