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I am the market for a new tripod. There are so many to choose from. Does anyone have any suggestions on a reliable, sturdy tripod? I'm looking for one with 3-way pan movement and one that adjusts with little effort. Thanks!

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4/20/2004 6:55:03 AM

Buddy Purugganan   Manfrotto offers a 2004 catalogue ( ) and have plenty of different models to choose from. SLIK has great kits ( the carbon fiber type is TOUGH ).Gitzo, Benbo are also quality tripods. Check their websites--

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4/21/2004 7:42:04 PM

Chris L. Hurtt   I have a Bogen 3021BPRO with a 3047 3 way pan/tilt head. This is a great tripod...very sturdy. It is a little heavy for some, but I haven't had any problems. One of the greatest features is that the tripod legs fold straight out so you can get down on the ground when you need to. The tripod and head were about $130 at B&H.


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4/21/2004 10:32:07 PM

Steve McCroskey   I use a Sunpak Ultra 757b with a 3-way pan head.It extends to 73 inches tall and collapses to about 26 inches. I also have an optional ball head in case I want to broaden my capabilities.At B&H this tripod is about$90.00
Steve M.

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5/3/2004 4:36:46 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  There are indeed, many brands from which to choose.
If you want one that "adjusts with little effort", go with one that has tension levers to extend and lock the legs.
The levers are quicker and easier to use than those round rings you have to un-screw.

The size and weight of the tripod should depend upon the weight of your camera, and where you shoot most often.
If you have to move around a lot, you may have to compromise with a lighter 'pod, which will still support your camera, but won't break your back lugging it around.

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5/3/2004 9:12:31 PM

Steve McCroskey   Bob,
You are correct about so many tripods being available!
The Sunpak Ultra 757 that I use weighs around 1 pound, but supports up to 11 pounds.

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5/4/2004 2:40:19 AM

Sarah    Thanks everyone for the help! This was a lot more helpful than just going to several different stores! Thanks again!

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5/4/2004 5:14:25 AM

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