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Film Choice and Processing

I understand from articles that I have read that landscape photos submitted to magazines etc. are far more likely to get published if they are in the form of transparencies, as opposed to prints. Would you consider this to be true? If so, is it possible to buy developing kits in order to develop your own transparencies?

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Jim Miotke
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  Yes. To some extent, slides are more commonly preferred and considered the professional choice. However, with the digital art emerging, this is becoming less and less true. Shoot with whatever works best for you.
If you find that you like slides, you can buy your own E-6 developing kits but I haven't heard of anyone recommending it. Professional slide developing is so economical that you won't save much money and it will be very hard to get as good results. I would only do it if you thought it would be fun.

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9/27/2001 3:09:03 AM

Leo Howard   Actually, you can process your own C41 & E6 film quite reasonably these days. It costs me about $ .68 per roll of 120 Print film & about $ 1.63 per roll of 120 E6 film, using a drum & roller base. Look into Trebla brand chemicals. While I am a big advocate of processing your own film, I highly recommend lots of practice before you start doing your own work for paying customers.

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Brent    I am also very interested in processing my own slides. I am looking at investing into a Jobo processor. The web site of Jobo is They make quite a few different processors from amateur to professional. They will also give you some cost analysis on processing your own film. You can use the processor for C-41, E-6, and black and white processes. Once you load the reels, you don't need a darkroom. They say that they produce good results, and are easy to use if you can load the reels.

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