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Vamshi P. Haran

Slide Film in the Studio

I am going to shoot a model for my project. I have planned to shoot her with Fuji Provia reversal film. This is the first time I am taking photos with reversal film. So what are the techiniqes I can use with reversal film in the studio? What are the limitations? And another question: I want to do cross-processing ... What are the steps I have to do for that?

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4/1/2004 12:10:42 AM


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  Hello, Vamshi. If you want to cross-process, you have to cross-process the entire roll. Here's how I do it: Let's say I have Provia 100. I will manually set my camera's ISO at 50. I will shoot as I would normally. When I take the film to the lab, I tell them the settings I used (shot at 50), and then I ask them to process in C-41 chemistry. You will get great results. The colors turn out very saturated. It's a great way get a different look. I have some stuff like that, and people really like it a lot.

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4/1/2004 1:00:32 PM

Sreedevi  Kashi   You might also want to use a blue filter over the lens. Provia, I believe, is balanced for daylight, and the studio hot lights need tungsten-balanced film. If you're using strobes, this doesn't matter. Cross-processing, of course, messes a bit with color, but that's obviously the look you're going for ... you just don't want to have to deal with the orange hues on top of it.

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4/6/2004 4:22:37 AM

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