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Sarah cordes

Getting started

hi, im sarah and I'm 14 years old and I have a great interest in photography. Since I love horses as well I want to start photographing them and my riding coachs students(They are older students)and I was wondering if it was possible to maybe make some money out of that at my age and if anyone has tips on getting started in that sort of bussiness.Thanks.

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3/24/2004 5:53:11 PM

John Wright   Hello Sarah,
It's so cool to have someone younger show up and ask questions (most of the people I see are old farts - like me).
Anything is possible... Although - few people make money at photography, some do. I'd suggest reading everything you can, especially about the specifics of the camera you have and become very familiar with them.

I know that often when photographing events (especially where parents are watching their children participate), they often ask for pictures and they would be willing to pay for good ones. This might be something for you to look into.

I hope that helps... Good luck!

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3/24/2004 10:13:21 PM

Patricia A. Kuniega
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/17/2003
  Hi Sarah,

I think it would be a good idea to start with a few photos that you take of some of your own horses, horses of friends, and of course your friends riding the horses. Ask them to pose for you so you can build up some really good examples of what you can do. Experiment with different types of shots. Photograph as much as you can so you keep getting better and have a nice variety of work to show people. Then you can put them in a portfolio or album so that you can show off your best work. When you have some that you really like, have a few special ones matted and even framed. See if your riding coach will give you some space to display them where the students and their parents will see them. You might even want to make up some fliers and eventually business cards to help promote your work. If your riding coach is willing to give you names and addresses of some students you could put a flier in the mail. Say that you do custom shots, portraits of horses, scenics with horses and riders, etc. Mention they would make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, etc. In the fall, before the holidays try to strum up some business by emphasizing what great gifts they'd make. You could even do horse-related holiday cards, calendars, custom shirts and other items. The possiblities are endless for just starting out!

Start small, because you'll be surprised to see how quickly things can grow and develop. You'll quickly find lots of other places where your work can be sold. Another idea would be to sell photos wherever you buy horse-related supplies. They might be willing to give you some wall space or have a bulletin board where you can advertise what you do. Local community newspapers that come free in the mail often give you free or low cost advertising space.

I wish you lots of luck and hope to see some of your photos in the contest here. That's a great way to get feedback on your work!


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3/27/2004 8:04:03 AM

Simone Severo   Sarah:
I personally have never photographed horses, but I think they are beautiful and they are in my personal projects list to photograph as well :)
I would suggest you to talk to your acquaitances and friends who have horses and practice on them. I don't know how much you understand about photography, but if you know apeture and shutter speed and is already photographing wiht an SLR camera, you are ahead of many people since you're just 14!!
People tend to value initiative of youg people and your passion about it might bring you some interest.
Try to photogrpah as much as you can and make bigger prints of the really good ones when trying to approach someone you'd like to make business with.
Good luck for you!

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4/3/2004 10:37:50 AM

Amy    Hi Sarah,
I wanted to get into photography when I was about your age, the very best advice I can give is to keep listening & talking to people like the ones right here that have responded to your letter. I didn't do that, now I'm 40 & starting again. Please do not EVER give up something you truly love to do.


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7/5/2004 9:02:43 AM

Kim Acheson   Hi Sarah,

I know two people who were able to make decent money doing exactly what you are talking about doing. I think you got some good advice so far. One of my friends use to go to horse shows and photograph the winner. The other one got hired through a large stables and did some photos for them to help them sell horses. So that might be something you want to think about also. Start small though. Get your skills down good with friends, coach, and basicly people you know. That is how both my friends started.

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7/11/2004 11:30:56 PM

Hollywood Stroad   Hi Sara! My name is Hollywood. I am in the same situation as you except I love poodles and I am 16. I have two poodles of my own and I want to put them into a calender. Maybe you could do something like that also. Or you know when people buy picture frames and there is usually a picture in there already, maybe your horses could be there. I usually enjoy the pictures in the frames. lol. well good luck I wish you all the best. Never give up no matter what anybody says that might discourage you, you can do anything your heart desires, and if it helps... I have faith in you!!! have a wonderful day!!!

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7/22/2004 8:27:08 AM

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