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Ted Uihlein

Agfa Optima vs Agfa Ultra 100

Which is superior for landscape photograpy, Agfa Ultra 100 or Agfa Optima 100? How they compare in color saturation and graininess? I am interested in making post 8x10 enlargements

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3/15/2004 9:50:32 AM

Jordan    I read somewhere that Agfa Ultra 100 was a consumer print film and Optima 100 was a professional film. Also, I read the Ultra "blocks up" in reds. Never used Optima, but have used Ultra 100 in the woods in the springtime. The greens came out very deep and pleasing when I shot in the early morning hours. However, when we went fishing during late morning/midday at a local reservoir I wasn't impressed, but I have never been impressed with landscape during midday. Does anyone have any experience with Optima 100?

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11/7/2004 7:59:16 AM

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