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how do i burn .jpg files to cd

I recently purchased a cd burner, I have alot of pictures on floppy disc's (.jpg) and would like to put them onto cd.......please help.....thx

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3/14/2004 4:06:27 PM

Robert Hambley
  Ok... Here we go.. I will try to cover all of the basics...

First, all of the images will need to be copied to your computer's hard drive.

Second, group them in batches that total around 630-640 meg in size (larger if you have 700Meg CDs). However, remember that there is some overhead for the file information that is stored on the CD as well, so you won't be able to store exactly 650M on a 650M CD.

Your CD burner should have come with bundled software. Typically, this is Nero or Roxio. Start the application (assuming you have installed it).

When the application is started, select the option that reads "Create a Data CD".

Then Select the images to burn to the cd and "CLICK and DRAG" into the CD Burning software window.

In Nero there is a bar at the bottom that tells you how much space is used on a CD, this can be a usefull guide.

After you have all the images you want or can fit on a CD ready in the application, Click "Burn CD".

Depending on your computers speed, memory and the exact specs of your CD Burner, you probably shouldn't run any other applications or try to do anything with your machine while it burns the cd or you will make yourself a nice drink coaster.

When it is done, I always verify that I can read the data back before I delete the files from my hard drive.

I can provide screen shots, if you wish, and more specific instructions if you reply back with your machine specs, cd burner specs and the burning software.

Hope this helps.

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3/18/2004 9:23:34 AM

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