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how do you create a dark room

i don't understand how to create a dark room I am a rookie at photography and I don't like digital cameras I like film cameras but I wold like to delevop my own pictures this would really help me I could help me a bit thanks

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3/14/2004 2:25:50 PM

Tom Walker   All you really need for a darkroom is a dark room, no pun intended, while in the navy, I used a closet in base housing. A room with running water is nice but not a necessity. Any place you can make completely dark will do. And I mean completely dark. Cover the windows with dark cloth, turn all the lights off and sit there for 10 min., if you can see a sheet of white paper, its not dark enough.

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3/15/2004 5:01:08 PM

Rebecka Franklin   I have had a make shift darkroom for about a year in my kids bathroom. I picked this room because of all the countertop space. It has a small window that I cover with tin foil when I need it to be a darkroom. If you don't have a lot of room in your bathroom, you could get some ply wood or something like that to put over the tub to create a countertop. There are websites that offer starter kit deals with enlargers and equimpent. I bought one and at first was thrilled but the more I get into developing the more I have to alter the equipment or buy bigger trays more containers. Keep an eye on ebay sometimes you find just what you need there. If you are serious about this though, INVEST IN A REALLY GOOD ENLARGER!!!! I have had to put my enlarger togther backwards to make it work.
Don't get discouraged!! My first experience in the dark room was perfect. I made 5 prints of one picture to give away for christmas and they all turned out wonderfull. I thought "what is so hard about this" Then the next 4 or 5 times in the dark room nothing turned out!! I still have a hard time but it is so exciting to see your image appear right before your eyes!
I know a lady who was a photo journalist 30 years ago and she gave me all her old books about photography. Two of these books have been very valueable. Darkroom Techniques Vol 1 and 2 by Andreas Feininger. They are old but timeless. I also have learned a lot just by surfing the net! Have fun!!

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3/17/2004 10:03:47 AM

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