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Maryann Avila

Do I need a Model Release for animals?

Do I need a model release for animals if the photos will be used for monitary gain? Most will be used for fine art, however Calendar's and greeting cards among other uses could be in the future. If I do need a release, where would I find a sample or how should I modify the standard model release? Thanks

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3/3/2004 3:59:15 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Dogs usually aren't concerned about things like that. If you just ask them nicely, they'll usually say it's okay. Animals really just want to be treated with respect. Cats however seem to get in diva mode. So you may have a problem with them.

Are you taking pictures of pets? You'd likely need property release permission if you're talking about using somebody's pet dog. And it would still be a good idea anyway. Prevents somebody from later seeing that it actually did turn into a money maker, and then coming in a trying to claim a cut.
Or are you talking about seeing some cow out in a pasture? Something like that that's not clearly identifiable dosen't call for it.

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3/3/2004 8:03:59 PM

David Ferry   Ok. So I'm outside anticipating a sunrise picture and my neighbor's horse meanders into my sunrise picture. Do I need some kind of release? The picture turned out great (fog, sunrise, horse) and I have received several compliments on it and just need to know if I need some kind of release from the owners if I was to market this photograph? Thanks. ps. I'm new to making comments and not sure if I asked a question or tried to answer it???

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10/7/2004 5:56:37 PM

Diane Dupuis
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/27/2003
  I really don't think you need to ask the owner's permission... Were you trespassing on their property? Will you be giving out the horse's name and address?
If you like your neighbors, give them a nice 8x10 of the shot for them to hang in their house. You can mention to them that you'll be trying to sell it... I'm no lawyer, but how can they stop you?

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10/8/2004 4:46:06 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  I would think that a horse in a pasture,...shot from a public place is fair game, long as there are no recognizable structures in the frame which might necessitate a property release. After all,...a horse is a horse...(of course).

For a household pet,...DEFINATELY get the owner's permission to sell their likeness...(they're "family").

In response to Gregory's comment about the cats...A can of tuna can usually help turn them around. :)

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10/9/2004 3:17:12 PM

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