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Marianne Miss Leather

Digital equipment for black & white photography

I'm soon to invest in a digital camera and printer - thinking of the new D70 or the Fuji S2 and the Epson 2100 printer. However, I shoot nearly always in black and white and I wondered if anyone had any ideas about any other equipment that might be more appropriate for b&w. The specifications on this type of equipment always boast about the colour reproduction, but this is not of much concern to me. I'm more interested in if they can reproduce the quality of black and white similar to film or whether, indeed in the case of the printer, I needn't invest in such a recent model??
Any ideas???
Many thanks, Marianne.

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2/26/2004 2:19:01 AM

Davin Edridge   Hello All,

The Fuji S2 Pro shoots b&w - not sure about the nikon. The usual filters for b&w will still apply to digital b&w photography. I do not own a printer - If I need something printed - it goes to the lab. There are a variety of papers for printing available. I believe that everyone has a different opinion of what a quality b&w image is - for me it is a contrasty, and sometimes grainy photo, others tonal quality, etc.
It will depend upon what you consider to be a quality image in b&w. I always shoot in colour and then convert to b&w in photo editing software later - if need be (I am happy with the results I get for b&w using this method - I usually then convert to sepia).

This image is from a scanned b&w negitive:

This image is from the S2 Pro:


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2/26/2004 6:32:15 AM

Marianne Miss Leather   Thanks for your answer Davin. Are you happy with the S2 then?
Cheers, Marianne.

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2/26/2004 1:29:57 PM

Davin Edridge   Hello Marianne,

Yes, I am very happy with the S2. I own both the S1 and S2. The only problem I found with the S1 was the lowest ISO of 320 - very limiting for landscape photography, for me.

The only complaints I have about the S1 and S2 (which is the same with almost all digital SLR's) is the focal length multiplication factor, which is a good thing for wildlife photography 300mm lens becomes 450mm - but not good for landscape - 28mm becomes 42mm.
I found the after sales service in Australia is second to none - NONE being the key word here.

One of the biggest advantages I found of the S1 and S2 over other digital cameras - they will fully function (excluding built-in flash) on 4 AA batteries.
My original shutter release cable (screw in type), for my Fuji ST801 camera (almost antique these days), screwed straight into both the S1 and the S2.
Almost all of the photos on my website have been taken with the S1 or S2 cameras - I think I cover a diversity of photographic subject matter.


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2/26/2004 6:45:35 PM

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