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Romen Vargas

Cross Processing Film

I just wanted to know the following
a) Do I get colour negative and process it e6 or do I get slide film and process it c41? Or can it be either?
b) What do I have in the end do I have what used to be slide/neg and is now a neg/slide or do I still have the slide?
c) Any tips on mucking around with this technique?

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jules    a) You can do either one, but the results from a colour negative in E6 are much better.
b) You will end up with a slide
c) For print->E6, shoot 2 stops under the ISO of the film, push once when developing. You need 3 stops below the actual. So if you're using ASA 100 print film, shoot it at ASA 25 and then ask the lab to push once.

Other tips: make sure the lab knows what they are doing. Some labs will refuse to develop print film in their E6 equipment because it does cause chemical deposits to build up.

Here are a few examples of print->E6 cross processed images that I've shot:

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