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Ryan Chai

Buying a Older Camera Help!!!

Okay, so I am finally getting into large format. I am looking at the infamous Crown Graphic. My question is most of the cameras either have "cleaning marks" on the glass or small light leaks in the bellows. How much will cleaning marks affect image quality? Is there any way to remedy a leaking bellows aside from buying a new set of bellows?

Thanks a ton,


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2/12/2004 6:31:16 AM

Robert Bridges   Shop at more quality stores - get a copy of View Camera magazine and look at
the used section. As for light leaks - a reputable seller won't sell you a camera with either light leaks or lens scratches.

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3/1/2004 2:57:11 PM

Randall Stewart   Second the prior reply. You don't need to start your explorationon of large format is defective equipment. A bellows may cost as much to replace as you paid for the camera. Considering the tons of older LF and press camera lens/shutter combos out there, you don't need to chance a damages unit.
Try KEH []; Midwest Photo []; Quality Camera, Atlanta, GA [404-881-8700]. They all specialize in older used equipment and Qaulity Camera in LF gear. All have good reputations.

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3/20/2004 1:24:53 PM

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