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Jim Miotke
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Filters and Teleconvertors for Nikon N70

I have just recently bought a new Nikon N70 with a Tamron 28-200mm Super Aspherical lens. I am relatively new to the world of photography and really enjoyed your Photo Tips. My aim is to photograph nature (landscapes, skies, wildlife, birds, etc.) in that I am an avid outdoorsman. I noticed in the lens literature that this lens will accept a circular polarizer. Besides cost, what is the difference between the standard and the circular polarizer? Which do you prefer?
Also, in this maze there is the option of coatings. What do these do? Could you recommend a brand?
I have taken some decent shots with my present arrangement, however, small birds at my feeder have been the greatest challenge. It seems that it is impossible to get close enough to fill up the frame, even from three feet away, at 200mm zoom, the birds are less than life size. I have read that a teleconverter is viable solution. Do you have any experience with these gadgets and if so would you recommend using them? If I were to purchase one, it would probably be one manufactured by Nikon

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Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  The most important difference between the circular and standard polarizing filter is that an autofocus lenses requires the circular.
I would not worry too much about coatings, myself.
I sympathize with you completely about the little birdies; they seem to require a 300mm or greater lenses or a very quiet, almost invisible photographer. You may want to try to set up a blind to hide behind.
Teleconverters are a great way to get an bit closer. Just be sure to get one that works with your set up and, if you use autofocus, doesn't disable it.

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9/27/2001 3:09:03 AM

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