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YaVonne D. Robinson

What's up with ILP

I too, received a "artists proof", and after reading all the comments, I will not return anything! I was so happy to seen a response I almost feel for it....thank God I did not. I still treasure my photo called, "hand of God!" Thank you all for the info!

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1/23/2004 11:45:54 AM

Marla Drayton   I would love to see your "hand of God photo." Would you be willing to post it here? I'm a digital designer for a national portrait studio company and I had designed a border with Santa's hands holding a present where a portrait is placed in the present. Anyways, my original idea was God's hands in the clouds so that the hands would sort of embrace the subject, but my concept evolved into Santa's hands instead. So I was curious as to what you photo looks like. Unlike ILP, I promise NOT to steal your photograph. :-)

I too entered ILP's contest. I snapped a picture of a friend's 10 month old baby sitting on a log last summer. While I did not buy the book, I did sign a release allowing them to publish the picture cuz I figured it would be cool to see if it actually would get published. Any time a contest or "free" offer asks for money I'm always leary and never send money for anything if I'm supposed to win something or get something for free. I did not, however, think about the possiblity of them selling my photo on a stock photography site without my permission. They had sent me another letter later stating that I could license my photo and earn money if it sold. Well, I don't feel right about making money off a cute picture of my friend's child so I never turned that in. And I don't want them to make money off it either! I'm glad you didn't sign anything.

At any rate it was a good lesson for me to learn. NEVER sign anything until checking it out first.

Sorry this is so long. If you don't want to post your photo, I totally understand.

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2/12/2004 10:40:44 PM

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