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Lauren N. 

Where to buy an enlarger

Where can I find a relitively cheap enlarger for my house?

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1/17/2004 12:33:16 PM

Buddy Purugganan   I suggest you inquire at B & H photo and video ( ) or Adorama ( or call 212-741-0052. They are quite reputable companies for your enlarger gear.

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1/17/2004 9:27:19 PM

Tom Walker   Stay away from Adorama, the stuff I throw in my garbage can they rate at 7 or 8 out of 10. Enlargers are really just a light , a lens and a carrier to hold the neg. Used ones appear on ebay all the time. I paid $87 for a Nikon enlarger, lens and 35mm carrier. Make sure when buying used that neg carriers are included, they can get expensive purchased seperately

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3/13/2004 10:29:46 PM

Randall Stewart   I suggest that you NOT buy from B&H or Adorama, although I personally have no problem with Adorama generally.
The rush to digital photography has surplused huge qaulities of darkroom equipment, including excellent enlargers and lenses, selling for small factions of their original prices. Buying a new enlarger from a retail store is foolish economics, as small sales volume has drive the prices out of sight, and some of the best models are no longer sold.
Look first locally. Schools and small businesses [ex.,printing companies] are selling off. If you still have a local camera store after all of the closures, they probably have a selection. Local classified ads in the newpaper - a common source. Local purchase means not having to pay large shipping costs, as these things tend to be heavy.
If you have no local resources, ebay is a major source of enlargers and everything which goes with them. Even with some serious shipping cost, the total package will be much cheaper used, and you'd still pay shipping from B&H anyway.
One problem is knowing what models are better than others for your use and what is a good price. A discussion of that depends on the the format [film size] you want to enlarge and whether you plan to limit to B&W or want to do color too. Contact me directly if you want to discuss firther. []

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3/20/2004 1:01:46 PM

Bunny Snow
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  I have a Simon Omega D2 black and white enlarger that needs a new home. It can be viewed by going to my web site at:
and clicking on enlarger in the botton left hand corner.
We are estimating that the shipping costs would be about $75.00 within the U.S.A.

If you are interested, I can be reached at

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2/28/2006 9:38:21 PM

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