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upgrading of current digital camera,

I want to take videos as well as still pics of family, need to incease from current 2.1 hp620 digital - best to go with enhanced digital camera or video camera???

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1/14/2004 4:04:03 PM

Michele R. Wiggen   I just purchased the Sony F828 - my sister had the previous model the F717 and loves it except that the movie size is small. The F828 has full size video. I have used it several times and it works quite well. I chose to buy the digital cameral over a digital video because I love to take photographs and do not use video much, so it was an easy decision for me. I looked at many video that have digital capabilities and the pics just are not good enough. If you want, you can give me your email, I can send you a movie clip I made you can check it out. The Sony F828 not only does normal video, but also a night vision also.

However purchase spare battery and big memory cards. I have a 512 compact flash and a 256 memory pro card. I can't remember which, but I can only record the larg image on one or the other. I'll check and repost for you.

Hope this helped.

Michele Wiggen

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1/27/2004 12:48:02 PM

Michele R. Wiggen   SONY F828: OK, it takes video in both, but if you record to Compact Flash card and not the Sony Pro card, it will only record in the lower mode. Will not record in 640(fine). I admit, I just got this camera and haven't played with all the bells and whistles yet.

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1/28/2004 12:32:31 PM

Cora Lea Bell   Michele.

I am right now trying to decide whether to keep the DSC-F717 which was a replacement under warranty for my DSC-707, or to upgrade and pay the extra $200.00 for the DSC-F828.

I do a LOT of photography - espcially during the growing season, and almost wear the cameras out. Smiles.

My first concern is with color accuracy. The F828 sounds like it may have a lot of offer over the 707 and the 717. Do you believe that to be so. I had a Sony Mavica FD88 prior to the DSC-F707, and the color was ALWAYS "right on" with that camera - whether inside or out, irregardless of the type of lighting. I've taken church photos this year and have spent months in front of the computer using Photoshop to adjust color corrections.

I'm also interested in the full-size video. I'd love to receive a clip. How do I go about getting a copy you described above?

I'd appreciate input from anyone and everyone who has experience with the Sony DSC-707, 717 and the 828.

Thanks a bunch!

Cora Lea

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1/31/2004 4:15:30 PM

Loren Roque   Cora Lea:

I own an F828, and I find it to be an excellent camera. From what I can tell, the color reproduction is excellent. It is said that the 4-color CCD filter (red, green, blue & emerald) translates into better rendition of flesh tones and such. I believe the flesh tones are fine, and eye color (and eye detail) is outstanding! The high ISO shots (200 and up) are noisy, but Neat Image software fixes that and the basic version is free ( There is an issue with purple fringing from CCD blooming, but you can close down the aperture to reduce the excessive amount of light that triggers this. There is also an easy fix in Photoshop for adjusting the purple to gray, which is far less noticeable.

Take Care,

Loren Roque

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3/9/2004 8:41:32 AM

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